Our proprietary content management system is a user friendly platform, which gives you control over your website content, images, navigation and allows you to distribute news and communicate with investors.

The software allows you to login with a secure username and password and make updates to the content of your website without needing the technical knowledge of a web developer. This is extremely helpful in a fast-paced corporate world where regular updates need to be made to keep all information on your website relevant and up-to-date.

HQi integrates with our ASX announcement platform (IRM Newsroom) to simultaneously email investors, update your company website and go out to your social media channels once a news release is approved. This not only saves time, but ensures that your website is always up-to-date and investors receive the latest information.

HQi Features:

  • Ability to add/remove and edit content on individual pages
  • Ability to add, remove and rename pages
  • Ability to move pages around, create new sections, rename pages and sections within your website navigation
  • Create image galleries, and galley containers – add, remove and edit titles to images
  • Authorisation before publishing changes to website
  • Ability to update / replace home page images and internal page banner images
  • Ability to change promotional words displaying over images
  • IRM Newsroom integration
  • Calendar integration
  • Email alerts management, email templates
  • Subscriber database management, subscriber groups
  • Mail reporting - delivery reports, statistics
  • Social media enabling
  • Careers Section - add/edit fields, add/edit careers, careers settings
  • User management - authorisation of registered user to access different sections fo HQi
  • Showcase - add/edit fields, choose display methods, add/edit showcase entries
  • IRM products and services - explore the IRM product catalogue, request information
  • IRM Support - request support, see status of support requests, see historical requests
  • Audit trail
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Newsroom monitors your company news and ASX Announcements and allows you to publish everywhere.

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Social Media Channels

An engaging social media presence to embrace investors at touchpoints of their choosing.

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Investor Tools

Our investor tools can make your website a comprehensive source of investor information.

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Design & Publishing

From annual reports through to corporate branding and identity, IRM can help with all of your design needs.