Success Factors

Success Factors for Online IR

Success is when the IR communications strategy delivers the appropriate messages through the right touchpoints to suit the investors’ needs for their current stage of the investor journey.

This sounds simple, but the detail is significant. Of course there are constraints, in available time and budgets. Investors understand this. They expect more of larger companies, and accept less from smaller ones.

So any analysis of success factors is subjective.

IRM’s view of Success Factors

We have distilled the success factors into ten “best practice” principles, or success factors, below. To read more about each, and explore some examples of work in each area, click on the "Read More" for each of these success factors:



Maximising visitors at the early phases means drawing the right investor traffic to the touchpoints. Read more.



Design, imagery and style are key for about half of investors early in their journey. Read more.



Deliver what investors want right there and then. Don’t make them wait, click or scroll or they will get bored and move on. Read more.



Content needs to be great quality, complete, and up to date. Read more.



Look great on every phone or tablet, landscape or portrait. Mobile also means fast. Read more.



Understand the educational needs of visitors and take them further than they expect. Read more.



Blog, tweet, share, like, and post. Encourage investors to respond Read more.



Keep investors informed as things change, provide immediate updates and feedback Read more.



Not measured is not managed. Measure, improve, and measure again. Read more.



Keep the touchpoint information always up to date, engaging and interesting. With time and cost levels you can afford. Read more.

IRM and Success Factors

Everything we do at IRM is targeted at achieving success against these measures. Read more about it here, and for a full discussion download the Success Factors White Paper  here.

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