10 investor website essentials you can automate

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Automate website

  • Automate your website essentials to advance your ASX-listed company.
  • Leverage technology to update your site, without wasting time and manpower resources.
  • Cultivate a more confident investor base with your up-to-date website content.

Investors want quick access to information about your company to stay ahead. This underscores the value of keeping your website up to date. It is critical that the data there is easy to find and not difficult to be updated.  

However, uploading documents on a website is not a simple process for all. Market announcements are sometimes made after business hours. This implies your IR and IT teams would need to work extra time to manually publish these elements on your site. That is, if you have the necessary personnel in place.

Wait. When you think about it, certain investor website material is accessible online. What if these necessary pieces could be automated? This ensures your info is constantly optimised and investors are kept informed. In the process, there is less heavy lifting for your organisation. No more manual uploading. Your IR and IT teams will thank you for it. 

But how? Plug-ins. With the right plug-ins, your website can make these elements update automatically. These platforms can gather specific content and incorporate these items directly into your site. Several materials that can be put together from a third-party provider can be automated.

What are some website essentials you can automate? 

1. Regulatory filings

Think about your ASX announcements being automated. Automation takes the hassle out of your regulatory compliance and ensures your filings are promptly updated. Integrating your ASX announcements or AIM feeds into your website saves you time and effort.  

With the right plug-in, your site will contain a file-grabbing capability that automatically uploads your announcements soon after they are released from the ASX. Strategically placing your important news in dedicated sections of your website assures investors have real-time access to critical information.

Automate filingsAutomation takes the hassle out of your regulatory compliance.

2. Share price information

Accurate and timely share price updates are a must for investors. Automation tools can seamlessly add in your share price data into your website, say your homepage and investor centre. A link from these prominently displayed sections can direct stakeholders to an internal page with more details.  

In your share price page, a chart can depict its performance over different time periods with trend charts updating each day. On your chart, you could also highlight the dates on which your ASX Announcements were made to see how they may have had any impact on your share prices. You can have interactive functions here too, including download buttons or a calculator to check the value of shares at specific price points.

3. Top 20 shareholders 

Maintaining the list of your top shareholders current is crucial for IR. Automation tools can dynamically update your top 20 shareholders list, providing investors with immediate insights into your company's ownership structure.

Your top 20 shareholders page can be automatically updated from the registry, such as Computershare. The stakeholders will be displayed in a table form, showing the name of the investors, number of ordinary fully paid shares held, and percentage held of issued ordinary capital.

4. Presentations 

Whether it's an investor meeting or a conference, making presentation materials organised is essential. Automation simplifies this process as it syncs your presentations exactly to your website. This guarantees that stakeholders always have access to your latest information, contributing to a more knowledgeable stakeholder community.

A plug-in with a keyword function can sift through your ASX announcements to update your site with selected items in the appropriate sections. For instance, you can use the word “presentation” as a keyword for your investor presentations. Announcements with the word “presentation” in its title will be posted straight away on the Presentations page of your website.

5. Corporate reports

Automation streamlines the process of updating corporate reports on your website. From financial reports to sustainability updates, ensuring the latest information is readily available enhances transparency and builds trust among investors.

You can set the reports to be published on the webpage according to your pre-set category, like annual or quarterly reports, even for ESG. Should be no problem for your plug-in to automatically feature these items on the right pages.

Automate share priceAutomation seamlessly adds your share price data into your website.

6. Media coverage

Automated aggregation of third-party news sources keeps your website dynamic and informative. Adding relevant news items on your site demonstrates your commitment to having investors well-versed about industry trends and market dynamics.

A plug-in can filter news related to your company to ensure articles from media platforms are featured on your site, per your preference. Your selected news will be displayed on the webpage you specified. No need to manually check different news sources and no delay in posting.

7. Videos

Video content, particularly on platforms like YouTube, offers a dynamic way for companies to communicate with investors. Automation streamlines the management and delivery of video content, ensuring a compelling and up-to-date online presence.

Automated systems can cross-promote videos across various online platforms. Whether it's embedding videos on your website, sharing on social media, or featuring in email updates, cross-platform integration increases the visibility of video content. This broadens the reach and impact of your investor communication efforts.

8. Podcasts

Podcasts have become a powerful tool for companies to connect with investors on a more personal level. Automation plays a crucial role in optimising the delivery and management of podcast content on your website. 

Automated setups allow your company to schedule and broadcast podcasts seamlessly. This ensures a consistent and predictable release of content, keeping your investors engaged and up to speed. Whether it's CEO interviews, industry insights, or financial updates, automation ensures that your podcasts are delivered on time, every time.

9. Email alerts

Automation can extend from your website and beyond, facilitating the timely delivery of important updates precisely to investors' inboxes. Whether it's regulatory filings or company news, automated email systems ensure your stakeholders are instantly in the loop.

Just as auto publishing ASX announcements can be set up on your website, so it can be automatically emailed to your investors. Stakeholders will receive your communications at once in their inboxes as the news are posted on your site. How about that? Think instantaneous. Think simultaneous.

10. Social media posts

Wouldn’t it be great if you could share your business updates on LinkedIn or Facebook from your website? Maintaining an active presence on social media is vital for engaging a broader audience. It’s easy with a plug-in that automatically sends your posts from your site to your socials.

These automation tools will link up your social media accounts to post your news to selected channels in one go. No need to login to different platforms just to dispatch your news to access a wider audience locally and internationally. Talk about expanding the reach of your communications and fostering a stronger online community.

Automate reportsAutomation streamlines the process of updating corporate reports on your website.

Embrace automation for success

Automating your website essentials is a game-changer for your ASX-listed company. When you leverage technology to update your site, you don’t only save time and manpower resources. You boost clarity and cultivate a more confident investor base.

Empower your website with the right tool

IRM Newsroom is one of the trusted plug-ins of ASX-listed companies for their investor websites. It’s a news delivery tool that integrates with any website to keep your content fresh and relevant. It quickly sends your email alerts and social media posts as well.

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