3 benefits of securing your corporate website

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Secure website

“Not secure.”


Seen that message next to a web address? (Hopefully, not on your website.)

Google displays that label on sites that don’t use SSL certificates (or Secure Sockets Layer certificates).

This digital certificate delivers secure, encrypted communications between your website and any browser used by your audience.

It guards against hackers and identity thieves. Because it enables information to become readable only to the server your website is sending it to.

This means privacy and data integrity for your site and your audience’s personal information. It ensures other sensitive information won’t be compromised. Like passwords or credit card numbers.

But more than protecting your website, there are 3 other advantages of securing your site with an SSL certificate. Read on to uncover these additional benefits:

1. Boosts search ranking for your website

Google now considers using SSL certificates as a ranking factor in search results. This means your SSL certificate will help boost your site to list higher in search. Giving you an edge over your competitor’s website.

2. Establishes trust between your website and your audience

By showing a “Secure” signal, your clients and investors will consider your site as a trusted one. They’ll have a sense of security as they browse your web pages. They won’t worry about signing up in forms, making a purchase or engaging in other activities there.


3. Determines verification of your website

Certificate authorities only issue SSL certificates to verified companies that have gone through several identity checks. So your certificate validates your domain ownership as well as business registration.


To put it plainly

An SSL certificate provides your website search visibility. It establishes trust with your audience as they determine the verification of your site. All these benefits come with the use of an SSL certificate to secure your web pages.


Perhaps we can help

For IRM clients, we can install the SSL certificate you've purchased for your website. Or we can buy a certificate on your behalf and manage the renewal for  you.

Chat with one of our account managers today on +61 2 8705 5444 or clientrelations@irmau.com for more details.

You can also visit our website here for further info.


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