3 website tactics for biotech companies

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Biotech company website

Biotechnology is making an impact in people’s lives through therapeutics, diagnostics, agri-biotech, among others. With the increased demand for biotech products, this sector is expected to continue its vibrant growth in the coming years. No wonder the biotech industry is rapidly progressing into a highly competitive market.

In the midst of competition, biotech companies need a solid online presence to show off their products and services. A strong website will highlight research and news about their company, particularly for startups. This will help to be visible to key audience, including investors who are making crucial decisions about their venture.

If you’re a biotech company, your website should be able to hold its own in this booming industry. Your site should be able to catch the attention of investors and keep their interest as you grow your business.

See how your website measures up to these strategies that top biotech companies embody in their sites.

1. Give the right first impression

Investors will see you in a more favorable light when your website has a modern design that ties in with your innovative research. Your site’s look and feel will shape your company’s credibility in the minds of stakeholders.

Brilliant visual design and high-quality content will reinforce your brand and establish your relevance in the market. Draw on vibrant images, interactive elements and data presentations to provide a positive user experience for investors.

Click the image below to see how the website of Amplia Therapeutics (ASX: ATX) does this well.

Amplia websitewww.ampliatx.com

2. Communicate your story

Clearly tell investors who you are on your website. Provide a brief of the scientific challenge you are focusing on and why it matters, incorporating the market need. State your mission and values, describing how your solution tackles the problem.

What makes your business unique in your arena? Articulate your research pipeline together with current technologies and programs. Flex your leadership team’s scientific and managerial proficiency. Spell out your unique selling proposition and offer investor information.

Visit the website of Elixinol Wellness (ASX: EXL) for a great example of this smart move.

Elixinol websitewww.elixinolwellness.com

3. Direct investors to action

It’s not enough to create the right first impression and communicate your story to investors on your website. You’ll need to direct investors to action as well. Guide them to engage with you, to contact you or subscribe to your news, so they can join your investor community.

Make the information investors seek on your website quickly accessible with easy-to-navigate pages that instinctively present facts that matter to them. Build your site on a clean structure that can simply be opened to see your share price or latest ASX announcements. Make your wordings easy to read and buttons well positioned to step up visibility.

Check out the investor website of Noxopharm (ASX: NOX) for an excellent illustration on this strategy.


Not all biotech company websites are created equal

Empower your biotech company website to rise above peers in this flourishing business. Make sure your site gives the right first impression, communicates your story well and directs investors to action. You’ll be on your way to a winning website others will set as a benchmark.

Create the best website for your biotech company

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