4 tips for a successful online IR [Infographic]

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Want to attract and retain investors through your website?

It’s key to understand why they do what they do - or do not do.

Investors take a journey as they think about your company.

They move from stranger to advocate, through a series of stages. Using touchpoints of their choosing.

Touchpoints are points of contact with your investors. These are ways they interact with your business though any form of communication, whether offline or online.

Some examples of offline touchpoints are person-to-person meetings or calls. Other touchpoints are online, such as your website or email messages.

Nowadays, online touchpoints are more quickly accessed over offline ones. Investors will mostly have already Googled you even before expressing interest in your business.

If you want to be effective in attracting and retaining investors, your online investor relations strategy should maximise the number who make it all the way through the investor journey.

Here are four suggestions to be successful in your online IR:

1. Improve the investor tools on your website

Investors want to see share prices and charts on your website. A visually-appealing interactive map of your projects or services is also great to have. Perhaps a one-page printable fact sheet would be helpful to access your company info when they’re offline too.

These investor tools will surely help enrich your engagement with stakeholders.

2. Deliver news directly and easily to investors

Make your latest ASX Announcements available on your website – up to the minute! And email them to investors just as soon as they’re posted.

Promote your company blog to give informed comment on industry or social news relevant to investors.

Highlight your company-produced videos and audio interviews as well as your Twitter feed. Third-party news and analyst reports can be contained on your site too.

Remember, your website should be the authority for investors on all news about your company.

3. Impress with stunning online reports

Your company reports, presentations and newsletters are published as ASX Announcements, right? So, the actual reading of these reports is done online. Why not showcase your achievements in an engaging online format, instead of a boring PDF file?

It will ensure your reports have impact and relevance. Allowing it to be viewed across a number of platforms, such as tablets and mobile devices.

4. Reach investors on social media

Social media does not only push your brand, your products or services. It can attract new investors and build stronger relationships with existing ones as well.

Maximise this channel by posting your ASX Announcements and other news to your accounts in Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. This will reach a wider investor audience as your news is amplified with likes, shares and tags. 

A step in the right direction

Since 2002, we’ve been helping ASX listed companies better communicate with investors online. We can support you the whole way through the investor journey – from idea generation through to engagement. You’d be in great company, with our 170 current IRM clients.

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