5 benefits of growing email subscribers through your website

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Email subscription

  • Reach more investors with this preferred channel.
  • Communicate in a quick yet personalised manner.
  • Strengthen investor relationships and own your subscribers.

Email has been around for a while and is still going strong. Communication strategies, social media sites, blogging platforms have come and gone but email is here to stay.

In fact, nearly everyone has at least one email account. Proof that this tried-and-true medium won't disappear for it has shown to be reliable and efficient. It makes communicating with a large group of stakeholders simple with just a few clicks and all in one go.

If you haven’t already, your company should be focusing on developing your email subscriber list to beef up your investor communications. Building your mailing list steadily will help you have a significant influence in the market.

Start now with email address collection on your website. There isn't a communications channel out there that is less expensive or simpler to use. You won't discover one that is more profitable right now either.

So, why grow your email subscribers through your website?

1. You'll reach more investors with this preferred channel.

Email is still favoured for business communications, despite the emergence of new messaging platforms. Investors communicate with companies via emails, though they may typically communicate with friends and family on social media.

All investors have email accounts and they check it frequently during the day. Many look at their emails as soon as they wake up and several times throughout the day. Each time they do, you have a new opportunity to put an important message in the hands of an existing or potential shareholder who values your business.

Email is preferredReach more investors in this preferred channel.

2. You'll communicate in a quick and adaptable setup.

Getting an ASX announcement or critical message out there fast and with little disturbance to your schedule or team is advantageous. Nothing delivers the speed and accuracy of emails when timeliness is crucial.

Your email is delivered precisely where your investors want to view it, unlike social media or Google search. Investors and subscribers have made it clear to you how and where to contact them, regardless of whether they gave a home or work email address. Simply send your message knowing it will reach them exactly where they specified.

Email is the ideal channel for adaptable communications that you can change at the drop of a hat to keep up with your investor audience. Within hours or even minutes of key developments in your business or the economy, you may send messages on a timely basis. You may modify or stop using your message entirely in a matter of minutes as circumstances change or as new developments take place.

Additionally, rather than waiting days or weeks for results, you'll literally know how your email has performed. You can receive email statistics on open rates or actual responses in just a few minutes.

3. You'll correspond in a personalised manner.

Email technology in itself is personal. Because when you send an email, it immediately reaches your investor’s personal mailbox.

More than the technology, business messages sent via email are more personable. Each investor is addressed by name and messages are curated for them.

You can send targeted emails to your intended recipients through categorising your subscribers. You can easily group your stakeholders based on their investment status or email responses. This way you can send information that are most pertinent to them.

Email is fastCommunicate in a quick yet personalised manner.

4. You'll strengthen relationships with investors.

In the first place, you already have a connection going on with investors when they subscribed to get emails from you. They filled out a form to join your email list and verifed their email addresses when they agreed to receive updates from you. Anyone who makes the effort to contact you is obviously interested in you and open to your message.

The best approach to continue conversing directly with your stakeholders is through email. It enables you to stay in touch with them in a one-to-one setting. Such interactions facilitate closer ties with them.

5. You'll own and control your subscriber list.

With email, you are in charge of your mailing list. Having a subscriber database ensures you will have access to thousands of investors’ inboxes. You are free to contact with whomever, whenever you want, and with as many email accounts as you choose.

In other digital channels, like Google search, algorithms are in control of your audience reach. You don’t also hold your social media followers, as they are managed by their respective networks. When their regulations change, your ability to communicate may also be limited.

Thanks to email, you set the guidelines for how and when you send messages, fully independent of any other company's influence. You’re the expert in your business and you can email your messages as you think best.

Email is personalStrengthen investor relationships and control your subscribers.

Now that we got the benefits covered, here are some helpful tips to get more email addresses for your mailing list.

3 easy ways to get email addresses

  • Add a subscription form on your website

Your website should promote the idea of subscribing to your emails. Encourage investors to sign up through email subscription forms on your home page, investor welcome page and in the footer of all pages.

This way you will gradually collect a few hundred interested people's email addresses in a few months. Over a longer term, you'll have a very large and engaged investor list. Go for quality, not quantity. But still go hard for it with active promotion of the subscription forms in key sections of your website.

  • Capture email addresses from your shareholder services

This is probably something companies often overlook. Obviously, shareholder services have the email addresses of all your investors. Why not tap into this list as a starting point to grow your subscriber list?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could add your subscriber database in your website’s system. Where you can group your distribution lists and choose which types of news are sent to each one. This would allow a seamless method of sending out emails. Plus points if you can get email statistics from there too.

  • Include your executives’ business contacts

Be careful about how you use the list. Don't inconvenience or spam them. The very best time to get in touch with them is in the first few minutes after you've put out an ASX Announcement. Not a couple of hours later, when the share price has already moved. Or a couple of days later, which is almost an insult. Immediately is best. They will like and respect that you've taken the trouble to tell them – without delay.

At the end of the day

Email is preferred over other online channels. It is fast, adaptable and lets you own your subscriber list. It is personalised and fosters relationships with investors as well.

Some quick ways to get email addresses are adding a subscription form on your website, capturing email addresses from your shareholder services and including your executives’ business contacts.

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