5 moves to enhance investor communications amid market uncertainty

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Keep communications

  • Increase your communications with investors.
  • Step up your online presence, such as your website and emails.
  • Update them through online events, videos and social media.

Investors are constantly on the lookout for news about your company, especially in the current business environment. What with volatility due to soaring inflation and rising interest rates coupled with slowing growth, to name a few dynamics.

It's ideal to keep communications going in this present economic outlook as investors are typically anxious about uncertainties. In this setup, stakeholders would be gauging if you continue to be active or if you've fallen under the list of investments to be booted out once the market recovers.

In this prevailing scenario, there’s a more pressing need to communicate often with your investor audience. Now is not the time to fall silent or be invisible. It’s the period of making your presence felt to assure stakeholders you're running the business as usual and staying the course despite headwinds.

Proactively ramping up your online communications will enable you to be in a better position with your investor community as most are comfortable with this digital network. Consider some of the ways to keep stakeholders in the loop through your virtual presence, as listed below.

Website and emailsStay in touch with investors through your website and emails.

1. Website - Are you letting investors know what’s going on in your business? Make sure your website content remains fresh and relevant. Highlight your latest news and ASX announcements on your site to tell them how you're managing the situation. Supplement your regulatory updates with thoughts about the market through these simple steps.

  • Blog – How about incorporating a blog on your website to engage existing and potential shareholders? Flex your continuing operations, executive team’s expertise, and newly launched products or offer thought leadership materials on your site. Focus on the best things about your business and avoid complex terms to clearly explain what you do. You can even share a link to these blog posts in your emails or on social media for a wider audience reach.
  • Media coverage – Are there media articles or third-party reports about your company or industry? Whether online or on television, in newspapers or magazines, feature these media coverage and industry trends on your website as additional news sources. Media coverage is one of the strategic tools that can significantly impact the valuation of your business.
  • White papers – Don’t be too quick to discount white papers, also known as special reports, consumer reports, industry reports. Well-written white papers on your website will educate without selling as these assets merge the persuasiveness of an article with the product information of a brochure. Certain investors still show a strong preference for white papers when it comes to their decision making.

2. Emails – Are you taking full advantage of emails as efficient means of communication with investors? Emails are fast, widely used, always available, reaching around the globe with no time zone limits. Communicate with stakeholders through regular email campaigns to let them know your updates and perspectives on the current market. Make them excited about your huge market, notable growth or technical advances. You can even go for a newsletter style to provide monthly summaries on your profitable venture.

Webinars and videosMaintain communications through digital channels like webinars and videos.

3. Webinars and online events – Have you hosted webinars or online events to meet with investors? Webinars are a great way to get in front of stakeholders to discuss what’s going on in your business and your thoughts on the present-day market. It allows you to reach out to investors anywhere in the world to deliver your corporate presentations. 

Webinar participants can also communicate with you through Q&A segments, live chats or surveys during events. You can even post the live events on your website or later send a link to the recorded meetings for on-demand viewing.

4. Videos and podcasts – Ever tried doing videos or podcasts to connect with investors? These brief clips of digital media provide ample information to update stakeholders and keep them engaged. You can produce a simple video clip or podcast of your CEO discussing business updates and outlook. Or convert your CFO's presentation from a webinar or media interview into a video or podcast and post on your website. 

Investors are more responsive when they see your top executives communicating with them face to face (even through a screen) as well as hear his/her voice. It helps them feel connected and more open to what he/she has to say.

Social mediaTry social media to amplify your online communications.

5. Social media – Not yet on LinkedIn or Twitter? Perhaps it’s time to be visible where investors are online. More and more investors are using social media to research on investments, your business included. This digital platform is influencing markets and becoming essential in evaluating conversations regarding companies like yours. It is crucial that investors find the right facts directly from your social accounts.

Why not share bite-sized updates from your ASX announcements or send out short video snippets of your media coverage? Announce your acquisitions or milestones and employee successes. Tweet about your earnings calls or post your leaders' quotes from investor events. These are just a few ideas to help you connect with shareholders and expand your investor audience.

Now is not the time to stay quiet

Amid uncertainties in the prevalent market, you’ll need to increase your communications with investors to bring them up to date with your company. Enhance your online presence through your website, emails, webinars and online events. Get to them through videos and podcasts as well as social media to keep them in the loop.

Ramp up your communications with investors

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