5 top features investors look for on your website

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Top website features

  • Stakeholders are looking for specific features in your investor website, your company’s vital communication channel with current and potential shareowners.
  • Make sure to have essential elements they seek on your site, like a schedule of reports and events, as well as ASX announcements and updates.
  • Remember to include your IR contact person, email alerts, and ESG details to enhance your investor engagement.

Investor websites play a crucial role in providing transparency, communication, and access to important information for both existing and potential shareholders. It serves as a valuable resource for stakeholders to make informed decisions about a company's financial health, growth prospects, and overall performance.

In fact, investors commonly seek certain features when visiting websites of businesses they already invest in and those they are looking to invest in, according to a recent survey. No wonder many of your ASX-listed peers already have these particulars on their sites too.

The question is, are these must-have elements on your investor website as well?

  1. Key dates of reports and events

Investors are keen to stay informed about your company's upcoming events and main reporting dates. An up-to-date calendar of events on your website helps stakeholders plan for important ASX announcements, such as financial results, annual general meetings, investor presentations/conferences, webcasts, earnings releases, dividend declaration dates, and other significant corporate events. This feature enables them to actively engage with your business’ progress and make well-timed investment decisions.

IGO key datesIGO shares key dates on its website.

  1. Announcements and updates

Timely and accurate information is vital for stakeholders to assess your company's operation and strategic direction. Your investor website should prominently feature ASX announcements and press releases, including financial results, quarterly updates, mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and any other material messages. They rely on these news to evaluate your performance against expectations and keep track of its overall progress.

Neuren announcementsNeuren Pharmaceuticals highlights ASX Announcements on its website.

  1. IR contact person

Establishing a direct line of communication between your company and stakeholders is crucial. Including the contact details of a named Investor Relations representative on your website helps build trust and allows shareowners to seek clarification or request additional info. A designated IR contact ensures prompt responses to inquiries, further enhancing investor confidence and engagement.

EDU contactEDU Holdings provides a named contact person on its website.

  1. Email alerts

Investors appreciate the convenience of receiving prompt updates directly in their inboxes. Offering email alerts for ASX announcements, financial reports, and other relevant news enables stakeholders to stay informed without actively monitoring your website. Email alerts keep them engaged and demonstrate your company's commitment to maintaining open and transparent communication. Don’t forget to add links to your site in your email, so subscribers can click back to your website. This improves their user experience, increases your brand awareness, drives traffic, and more here.

Peter Warren email alertsPeter Warren invites subscribers for email alerts on its website.

  1. ESG details

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into investment decision-making. As sustainability and responsible investing gains traction, stakeholders are increasingly interested in a company's ESG practices and performance. Investor websites are now incorporating dedicated sections to showcase ESG initiatives, reporting frameworks, and performance metrics. Providing clear and easily accessible ESG information on your site demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to responsible business practices, which can attract and retain socially-conscious shareowners. Learn more about how ESG on your website creates value for your business here.

Sunstone ESGSunstone Metals details ESG efforts on its website.

In a nutshell

Stakeholders are looking for specific features on your investor website, your company’s vital communication channel with current and potential shareowners. Make sure to have essential elements they seek on your site, like a schedule of reports and events, ASX announcements and updates, IR contact person, email alerts, and ESG details. This will enhance your investor engagement and establish trust with them.

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