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AIM newsfeed via IRM Newsroom

Is your company listed in the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), London Stock Exchange's market for small and medium size growth companies?

As an AIM company, specific announcements or documents must be disseminated publicly and made available on your website. It’s a requirement for you to release certain information to the market in a timely manner. Price-sensitive info for significant transactions must be transmitted without delay through a regulatory information service.

But would you have the time to keep track of all your AIM announcements? Making sure business updates are published on the right page of your website? Or sent to designated email subscriber groups? Perhaps shared on Twitter or LinkedIn?

Save time and effort with IRM Newsroom, a smart news delivery tool for listed companies.

Sit back as IRM Newsroom does all the work for you

Check out IRM Newsroom’s hassle-free platform that ticks all the boxes for your online investor communications. Distributing your news to your website, email subscribers and social media network.

With IRM Newsroom, you would be in command of your communications as you satisfy AIM’s requirements for distributing announcements. Then again you would not only be meeting regulatory demands. You would consistently stay in touch with investors too.

AIM newsfeed on websiteIRM Newsroom will promote your AIM newsfeed on your website. 

Send news on your website

IRM Newsroom enables you to feature your newsfeed from the AIM directly on your website. It integrates smoothly with your site, no matter what system your website runs on.

Once it’s set up, you can choose the web pages where your AIM newsfeed will appear, like your News section or Investor Centre. These pages will be designed in the same way as your other web pages, for consistent branding.

IRM Newsroom will filter all news related to your company to ensure the feed is relevant for your investors. There’s no delay in posting on your website. Your announcements will be displayed on your site with just a click of a button. An automated or approval process will be in place, per your preference.

News via emailIRM Newsroom will send your news to your email subscribers. 

Deliver news via email

Just as IRM Newsroom will have your news easily accessible on your website, so it can email them to your investors and subscribers. How about that? Think instantaneous. Think simultaneous. This means investors will receive your updates directly in their inboxes as the news are posted on your site.

IRM Newsroom also lets you manage your subscribers in different groups and sizes for seamless distribution of your AIM announcements. It’s easy to upload subscriber details in bulk or to make changes for each individual subscriber.

In addition, email statistics are available in IRM Newsroom to monitor how your subscribers respond to your emails. Like who viewed them or clicked the links in your messages. Pretty helpful in email analysis and evaluation to make your next messages more effective.

News via socialsIRM Newsroom will extend your news to your social media network.

Amplify news on social media

Reaching stakeholders through your website and email taps into a broad investor audience. So, why stop there?

IRM Newsroom enables you to further amplify your announcements on social media as well. You’ll get to share your news on your socials, like Twitter or LinkedIn, without delay. Soon as your announcements are released to your website and email subscribers. Remember, instantaneous, simultaneous.

IRM Newsroom will link up with your social media accounts, so you’ll be able to dispatch your news to selected channels in one go. No need to login to different platforms just to convey your news to access a wider audience locally and internationally.

Long story short

IRM Newsroom empowers you to save time and effort on your investor communications. With this user-friendly news delivery tool, you’ll be able to highlight your AIM newsfeed on your website as you launch your news via email and social media.

Get an IRM Newsroom free trial

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