All set for your AGM?

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AGM page

Ensuring continued investor engagement in the midst of challenges in our current environment. That's quite an undertaking for ASX-listed companies this year.

Even annual general meetings (AGMs) are taking on new forms. Thankfully, regulators have adapted more options for businesses to fulfill requirements in the present setup.

So, how you going with your once-a-year meeting?

Are you postponing or canceling your AGM this year? As your company’s constitution permits?

Going for a hybrid meeting? That is, you'll be holding your AGM in a physical location as well as online?

Perhaps you're having a solely virtual AGM? Where your meeting will be entirely carried out via Zoom, Google Hangouts or other digital platforms.

Whatever strategy you're taking to perform your AGM, it's essential to have strong and open communication lines with your investors and stakeholders.

AGM from homeUse your AGM page to give investors all essential info in a dedicated section of your website. 

One way to reinforce communications is through a dedicated section on your website, where attendees will find all things AGM. Like an AGM page!

An AGM page can be the best tool at your disposal to deliver an amazing meeting. It's where you can easily upload all relevant information on your event. Sort of a one-stop shop where participants can access essential data from their smartphones or mobile devices.

Through this page, you can also give updates on your AGM, in case unexpected occurrences come up, like a change in time or day. This page can also provide live content on the day of your meeting.

No need for shareholders to comb your website for reports or materials related to your AGM. No wasted time searching for crucial facts and figures on the ASX platform or third-party news sources. Because all corresponding details will be conveniently presented in one page. 

Here's a list of items you wouldn't want to miss having on your AGM page:

  • Schedule and agenda 

Soon as it's decided on, post the date and time of your event on your AGM page. This way, your audience can clear their calendars ahead of time. Don't forget your agenda as well, so participants can get organised for it. These elements will help boost attendance and overall success of the meeting.

  • Venue and webcast info

If you're holding a physical meeting that's open to guests, specify your venue's particulars in your AGM page. Include a map and directions to get to the place, so the conference room will be easy to find.

If you're having a virtual meeting, give instructions for online participation as well as the Web-streaming links. Webcasting your AGM will enable shareholders throughout the country, even from around the world, to join the event from the comfort (and safety) of their home, office or on the go. You can also lay out a recorded webcast on this page for those who won't be able to join the session in real time.

AGM on the goMake your AGM page responsive in any mobile device.

  • Company and shareholder documents

Upload information and reports through your AGM page. Showcase your latest annual report, presentation and announcements. Would be good to present your chairman’s address, motions, previous minutes and yearly figures too. Such key facts will furnish all the necessary inputs investors need for the meeting.

  • Speaker and board bios

Will your chairman or CEO deliver a message during your AGM? How about adding their profiles in your AGM page as well as those of other speakers in the meeting? Perhaps include the bios of board members who would be in attendance or of those newly appointed to your executive team.

AGM attendeeProvide the webcast link in your AGM page so investors can join the meeting from anywhere. 

When all is said and done 

An AGM page on your website can be the best tool to strengthen communications for your annual meeting. It's where you can deliver your event's schedule and agenda, venue and webcast info, company and shareholder documents, speaker and board bios, among other pertinent details.

Make things easier for you

You have a lot to prepare for your upcoming AGM. But you don't have to go it alone.

We can customise your AGM page according to your needs. Pretty sure it would help cover many items on your to-do list.

Speak to us today on +61 2 8705 5444 or email to get started.