All systems go for newly-listed Carawine Resources

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The bell has rung. And you’re no longer an unlisted company.

Will your investors see you as an amateur new IPO or a full scale ASX-listed company from Day 1?

Carawine Resources Limited (ASX:CWX) was able to manage that transition with a professional online investor presence throughout the process. The exploration company has settled into being a listed company with a primary focus to explore for, and ultimately develop mineral deposits within Australia.

Carawine now confidently communicates with investors through its website, with a little help from IRM.

To start off, a quick review of the entire site’s content was done to fine tune any words that were more relevant to the IPO process than to a listed company. Content updates were also conducted on certain sections, such as the corporate governance and announcements page.

Carawine’s home page was modified to de-emphasise its prospectus and listing process. The company’s latest ASX Announcements are now highlighted in the page as well as its share price, which was set up in internal pages too.

An investor welcome page was designed and built to address Carawine’s investor community – people who have invested or might invest or might influence other investors. Its pages for annual, quarterly and half yearly reports remain hidden for now but are ready for use soon as information would become available.

The company’s website is fully equipped to keep stakeholders informed with its activities by regularly distributing news. Plus, its footer was upgraded with new helpful links and a search bar.

Carawine’s website was designed using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Carawine on establishing their investor communications capability.

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