Attract investors to your website with the right content

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Put yourself in their shoes.

Investors, after all, are human too. Just like you.

They know what facts they want when they research about your business. They want to find specific information immediately once they get to your website.

So, if you want to draw them into your site, you’ve got to give them what they want. The right content.

In an earlier post, we discussed how unique and authoritative content is one of the ways to attract investors to your website. How your content needs to be reader-friendly when you talk about your company’s expertise in your site.

You need to be clear on basics, like…

  • What does your company do?

A brief intro of your company on your homepage would not only attract investors. It would compel them to find out more about your business and why they should consider investing in it. Pilbara Minerals is a leader in this area.

  • How do you accomplish it?

Key company statistics and investor presentations should be prominent on your site. Investors want one page where they can find your latest ASX announcements, webcasts, press releases and any other supporting materials. Otto Energy does this remarkably well.

  • Who are your key players?

Details in your directors and management biographies will provide credibility for your leadership team. Showcase their track record and proficiency in your industry or in previous endeavours. BWP Trust illustrates this on point.

  • How can they contact you?

Your phone numbers, email addresses and contact form should be seen on your web pages. This would make it easy for investors to reach you. Seymour Whyte is a great example of this.

These essential elements must be easily available on your website. Because it’s just unacceptable for investors when your site has missing or outdated information.

Think about it.

If your website is not up-to-date, how would it reflect on your company and its priorities? Would it not leave room for doubts about the facts investors seek? Perhaps even about the credibility of your company?

Attracting investors to your website doesn’t only involve the right content. It also includes optimising search and keywords. Go over this blog post on “How to Attract Investors to Your Website” for the full details.

Finally, it goes without saying that attracting investors means having a website that works on any device, be it smartphones or desktops. This means your website should be mobile-friendly. So, they can instantly access your info wherever they are and whenever they want it.

And as information about your company evolves, so your website should reflect them. Stay on top of the changes and ensure your content is consistently current and updated.


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