Australis creates bilingual website for Portuguese project

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Expanding your business internationally?

Congratulations! Just goes to show how successful your company is.

You’ve got your website ready to show who you are and what your business is all about.

But wait a minute.

Will your new target audience be able to read and understand your site?

Not if it’s not in their own language.

An effective way of meeting this need is to have a bilingual website.

When you communicate to your specific audience in their native tongue it overcomes potential cultural barriers. Providing access in their language puts your audience in a cultural comfort zone. So they’ll be able to navigate and interact with your site.

This then generates awareness for your brand, service or product. Capturing potential investors and building relationships with current ones.

Take a look at how Australis Oil & Gas Limited (ASX:ATS) developed a new microsite for its Portuguese operations. The exploration and development company owns a large oil and gas licensed area onshore Portugal.

Australis built a website for this project to help better represent their organisation to the local community. With this custom-made site, the company provides more relevant content to keep the discussion on track about the venture.

The microsite offers two languages: English and Portuguese. Furnishing an overview of Australis with a background of its onshore exploration concessions in the Lusitanian Basin.

The site defines Australis’ environmental health and safety track record as well as its project’s benefits to the community. It introduces the company's board and management and offers its contact details. 

The microsite is easily accessible from Australis’ main home page. And though it seems to have started out small, it has the potential to be built out over time. 

Australis’ website for its Portuguese operations was created using HQi from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Australis on this inspiring enhancement of their investor communications capability.

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