BotsGas website charts course for IPO

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BotsGas website

Attracting investors means having a powerful online presence. It means having a professional website that connects with investors, particularly if you're heading for an IPO.

A brilliant website will show investors that you are a serious contender for their investments. Your site should be well-designed as it provides quality content to focus on investors’ needs. It should also work smoothly on any platform they choose to use, whether mobile devices or desktops.

As investors are drawn in, your website should compel them to take the next step and consider investing in your business. That's why it's smart to have a site that does not overwhelm with data but expands as you progress with your IPO and onwards. 

BotsGas’ website does this remarkably well, as you can see here. BotsGas is an Australian oil and gas company focused on exploration and development opportunities for natural gas in Botswana.

Click the image below to experience for yourself BotsGas website's clean design and smooth navigation. Explore how the site delivers straightforward facts for investors, starting with the company’s overview, projects and plans to list on the ASX in 2021.

BotsGas on mobileBotsGas’ website works smoothly on desktop or mobile devices for easy access.

BotsGas' site actually started as a "mini website" a few months back. As the company moved forward with plans, enhancements were added on the site, such as on its homepage, banner images and internal pages. Once listed, the website will be ready for more features, like its share price and charts, as well as news delivery.

As you browse its different pages, more details about BotsGas are neatly rolled out through the website. These include its Projects Overview that is prominently displayed on its homepage, with a link to a dedicated internal page. This section gives the location and information on its operations in Botswana as well as its Why Invest segment and Investor FAQs.

In addition, the new website introduces BotsGas' directors and management as well as advisory team, complete with each member's biography. Investors can easily get in touch with the company and keep updated with its news through the site's Email Alerts function.

BotsGas’ website was built through the HQi content management system of IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were pleased to partner with BotsGas to empower their online investor presence.

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