Business Storytelling: A smart way to engage investors

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Business storytelling

Stories are powerful. They create a picture in our minds to delight, inspire and motivate.

You have seen this happen in the movies and tv series you have watched. You have experienced it in the books and news articles you have read. Even in the conversations you have had.

Stories are all around us. Even in the business world.

But have you heard about storytelling your business?

Stories about how your company started. The first time you launched your project or hit your sales target. That time you hurdled a tough challenge in your operations. These stories are great ways to build connections with your customers and investors.

These connections are vital, particularly in crisis situations, like our present COVID-19 uncertainty. In a crisis situation, being silent is not an option as it may potentially stir up rumours about your business. So, if someone is going to tell a story about your company, it might as well be you.

Storytelling is easier than you think. Consider these 3 easy steps to tell your business stories.

1. Choose your story topic

Where to find these stories? You have these stories hidden in your ASX announcements and annual reports. Quite sure there are stories behind the facts and figures about your business. Why not present the human side of work behind the data you have reported?

All you have to do is break down your news into digestible bits. Then write about these smaller bites and share it to your investors. This will help you engage better with them.

choose your topicChoose your story topic.

2. Write your story

Storytelling does not have to be complex. You can keep it as simple as a 3-part narrative.

First step, present the problem. This should be the beginning of your story. Let’s say your CEO is retiring. That means your company will need a new leader.

Next, describe the solution you applied to the problem. That is the middle part of your story. How did you find your new chief? Perhaps talk about the search process you performed to carefully select him/her.

Lastly, unfold the success in your story. Conclude your story with a win. Talk about your new exec, his/her qualifications and how he/she plans to advance your business.

This clear-cut method will keep you within the main points of your story, so you do not drift away from it.

write your storyWrite your story.

3. Share your story

After writing your story, you can now share it to your investor audience. Why not maximise your website with a blog for your stories? This will amplify your news after your initial ASX announcement.

You can add pictures in your story, even create a simple video for more engagement. These creative visuals are just some ideas to make your story come alive.

Email your story to your subscribers and post it on social media as well. Don’t forget to include links back to your website to drive more traffic to your web pages.

share your storyShare your story.


Stories help you engage better with your investors. Choose a bite-sized topic from your announcements, write your story and share it through your website, email and social media accounts.

As your storytelling skills improve, so your engagement with investors will be strengthened. Better to try, fail and learn now than miss out on this smart way to connect with them.

Awesome tools for storytelling

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