BWP website perks up with newest enhancements

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There’s always room for improvement. Especially in a corporate website.

That’s not only because your company is growing. It’s also because you want to keep delivering a great user experience for your audience through your site.

And wouldn’t it be neat if these enhancements were more manageable to implement? Without a long wait for the upgrades to be carried out?

BWP Trust was able to pull off its website update with a little help from IRM. Here’s a quick recap on the newest features of the real estate investment trust’s site.

BWP invests in and manages commercial properties throughout Australia. So some of the tweaks the company made on its website were related to its property showcase.

To make it easier for the site’s audience, the property portfolio page was given a better-looking layout with details and snapshots of each property’s map. Once a property is clicked, a new page would open leading to more information on the selected real estate.

And going through the property list is not at all complicated. Because a search filter tool enables the properties to be grouped according to state. Cool, eh?

Plus, the complete property portfolio can be downloaded from the site for easy reference offline. The portfolio can be shared via email or printed as well.

BWP likewise shaped up its ASX announcements list to accommodate more releases on the page. It’s a brilliant move to make more messages visible to its audience, particularly investors and stakeholders.

Finally, a clean-up of URLs was done to reinforce BWP website’s usability and accessibility for its audience. Helping users move from one web page to another. Making the site immediately and intuitively meaningful for them.

BWP’s website was revamped using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with BWP on this improvement on their investor communications capability.

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