Capital Raising: Driving investor participation with your website

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Capital raising via website

  • Make a dedicated capital raising section on your website with clear messaging and FAQs.
  • Add your related investor presentation, ASX Announcements, subscription process and IR contact info.
  • Having interactive tools, social media integration and compliance details would be ideal too.

Successfully raising capital requires a comprehensive grasp of the swiftly evolving market dynamics, regulatory structures and the necessary resources to support them. It is crucial to effectively communicate your capital-raising message to all your investors to ensure broad participation.

As shareholders are increasingly embracing digital interactions, ASX-listed companies are adopting a multi-channel approach to expand the scope of their capital raising campaigns and enhance participation. Utilising channels, such as your website, increases the likelihood of effectively communicating and connecting with your intended target audience.

Moreover, this approach presents an excellent opportunity to engage with stockholders in a more meaningful manner. Enriching shareholder information that can be leveraged for proactive campaigns and future communications.

Size up these strategies to operate your website as a compelling tool to communicate with investors about your capital raising initiatives.

1. Dedicated capital raising section

Create a dedicated section on your site specifically focused on the capital raising campaign. This section should provide comprehensive information about your Share Purchase Plan (SPP) or Rights Issue, including key details, objectives, timelines, and relevant documentation.

Dedicated sectionCreate a dedicated section on your website.

2. Clear and concise messaging

Craft clear and concise messaging that outlines the purpose and benefits of the capital raising campaign. Use simple language to explain the investment opportunity, potential returns, and how the funds will be used to drive growth.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Develop an FAQ section that addresses common queries and concerns investors may have regarding the capital raising. This will help alleviate doubts and provide clarity on important aspects of the offering.

4. Investor presentations and webcasts

Include investor presentations, webcasts, or recorded videos on your website to provide a more engaging and interactive experience. These mediums can effectively communicate your company's vision, strategy, and financial outlook, enhancing investor understanding and confidence.

Clear messagingCraft clear and concise messaging.

5. ASX Announcements and updates

Regularly update your site with relevant ASX announcements  and progress reports related to the capital raising campaign. This ensures investors stay informed about the latest developments and fosters transparency.

6. Subscription process

Streamline the subscription process by enabling investors to conveniently access and complete the necessary forms directly through your website. Provide step-by-step instructions and ensure the process is user-friendly, secure, and compliant with regulatory requirements.

7. IR contact information

Display clear contact information for your investor relations team on your site. This allows investors to easily reach out with any questions, feedback, or concerns they may have, fostering effective communication and building trust.

8. Interactive tools and calculators

Incorporate interactive tools and calculators on your website to enable investors to simulate the potential impact of their investment. This can help investors make more informed decisions and better understand the potential returns.

FAQsDevelop an FAQs section.

9. Social media integration

Integrate social media sharing buttons on your site to facilitate easy sharing of capital raising information across various social platforms. This can amplify the reach of your company's messaging and attract a wider audience.

10. Compliance and disclaimers

Ensure that your website adheres to regulatory requirements and includes necessary disclaimers to protect both your company and investors. Compliance with securities laws and disclosure obligations is crucial.

The long and short of it

Leveraging your site as a central hub for capital raising communication can effectively engage with investors, provide key information, and foster a transparent and accessible investment process.

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