Desert Metals website gets ready for IPO

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Desert Metals website

Show not just tell! Show investors how your company is an attractive long-term investment through a great website. Especially as you gear up for your initial public offering.

As you prepare to be listed, providing facts and figures about your business is important. Presenting a strong company story through your website is essential to your IPO’s success.

A compelling website is critical to get investors’ attention. With a visually engaging site, you can clearly describe your business model and explain why you’re worth their investment.

Desert Metals demonstrates this excellently in its latest website, launched in time for its IPO bid. Check out how its brand-new site is well equipped for its offering and onwards.

Once you reach the website, its clean layout and vivid images will immediately convey Desert Metals’ business. Providing information, maps and charts on its nickel and copper exploration projects in the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia.

Desert Metals on devicesDesert Metals' responsive website runs smoothly on all devices.

The customised website introduces Desert Metals’ board and management as a way to establish trust and familiarity with investors. Making it clear they are within reach through the site’s easy-to-find contact details and online form.

As its main online communication channel for its IPO, Desert Metals’ website highlights its prospectus and investors can even sign up to receive email alerts through the site to keep up to date with the company news.

On top of that, the website is capable of serving Desert Metals’ online communication needs well beyond a successful IPO. 

Desert Metals’ website was crafted through IRM’s HQi content management system. IRM was pleased to team up with Desert Metals in empowering its online investor presence.

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