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Your website gives information about your company, like your products and services, corporate news and contact details, right?

But what if your site can upgrade to an effective investor relations tool too? One that would provide you a whole online investor presence.

Your online investor presence would focus on stakeholders and attract them to your website. This would then encourage them to move to the next steps. To potentially become a committed shareholder.

Your website can upgrade to an effective investor relations tool.

At IRM, we believe there are 5 steps to lead with a great online presence for investors. Here’s a brief run through on these essential components.

1. Create a good impression with your investor website.

You should be able to do this just at a glance. We’re talking about creative design, rich content and a solid content management system to support your site. These elements need to work together to deliver the goods.

2. Provide online tools for investors.

News is important to investors. Tools that instantly send news to stakeholders are some of the great online tools that can help them be informed when making decisions. You need to be able to relay information when it happens and to wherever they are online. Fast.

3. Deliver well-designed and effective annual reports and corporate collateral

Did you know annual reports are one of the main sources investors use to research about a company? And these reports need to be in engaging formats. They should be easy to browse, have search capabilities, and be downloadable. Boring PDF files just don’t cut it anymore.

4. Look good on all devices.

More and more investors are on mobile devices for quick access to information. That’s why your website should not only look good. It’s also expected to work well on both desktop or mobile platforms.

5. Build a presence on social media

Australian companies are now using social media to reach investors and other stakeholders, according to a recent study. Companies are catching the attention of stakeholders through Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms in this digital space. And as investors are engaged, companies are able to direct them to making positive investment decisions.

These 5 steps will help you lead with a great online presence for investors.

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