EnviroMission website flexes redesigned features

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EnviroMission website

In this constantly evolving digital world, web standards change each year. So, if your website is several years old, it’s probably outdated now in looks and functionality.

Most likely, your website’s code is far behind. This delays its loading speed on devices and makes it incompatible with latest browsers. Consequently, a lack of tech updates is a bit of a downer.

New technologies for a good website also go with shifting user preferences. Meaning, your website design needs to keep up with the times as well if you want to stay competitive. These well executed updates will lift up your site and help your business grow.

The good news is, upgrading your website can be done smoothly with the right gear. Just look at the latest site of EnviroMission: www.enviromission.com.au.

EnviroMission on devicesEnviroMission's website has no problems adopting to desktop or mobile devices.

EnviroMission is a Melbourne-based proprietor and promotor of clean, sustainable and disruptive renewable solar cyclone tower (SCT) technology. The public unlisted entity operates to develop SCT technology in global markets through joint ventures, partnership and licensing agreements.

Launched years ago, EnviroMission’s website needed a revamp to reflect the company’s new direction and project changes. So, it adopted a new layout with the help of its modern tech stack that runs the site. Its aesthetics is now cleaner and more straightforward, giving a better user experience for investors.

From the homepage, it’s easy to navigate to its About Us section to learn more about the company and its leadership team. Further details about its Solar Cyclone Tower concept, business Strategy and Environmental Benefits are laid out in the site’s dedicated portions as well.

Stakeholders will find essential information on the website’s Investors segment where EnviroMission’s fact sheet can be downloaded. A sign up to subscribe to email alerts awaits investors there too so they can stay updated with the company’s news.

EnviroMission’s website was redesigned through IRM’s HQi content management system. IRM was pleased to be part of EnviroMission’s efforts to enhance its online investor presence.

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