Grow Your Investor Audience with Digital Media

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What was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning? Checked your email? Twitter or Facebook?

Digital media, a combination of technology and content, is so much a part of our daily lives. Whether or not we choose to tap into it first thing in the morning, we turn to it one way or another at some point during the day.

Websites, emails and social media platforms are just a few digital media channels we often work with. These easy-to-use tools are engaging and produce results. Yes, even for businesses. Used in the proper way, these mediums would help expand your investor audience and grow your business faster.

In light of this potential, IRM and Computershare teamed up for “Amplify Your News: Using Digital Media to Grow Your Investor Following,” an IR event with selected participants on 14 November 2017. Held at Computershare offices in Sydney, the session aimed to take investor communications thinking to a new level.

Peita Diamantidis, managing director of Caboodle Financial Services, led discussions as guest speaker. She is the winner of the Association of Financial Advisers Female Excellence in Advice Award for 2016. Just recently, she was named among Australia’s 50 most influential financial advisers in Financial Standard’s FS Power50 guide.

Peita presented an enlightening financial adviser feedback on potential investors in ASX-listed small cap companies. She noted that small caps have a unique opportunity to build a deep and personal connection to their investor following. And digital media can deliver the access and connectivity every long-term investor seeks from these businesses.

“What’s our aim with digital media? It’s to build a community. Start building an investor community. They’re going to resonate with your business. They’re going to resonate with your content. And then they’re going to want to share it.”

Moreover, Peita mentioned that finding the right balance of digital media tools and putting them together is important. This enables investors to receive news and relate at a time and digital place of their choosing.

She then worked through a step-by-step guide for building the storytelling gene into the DNA of a small cap company. Ultimately, the underlying goal of this process was to constantly add to an engaged list of current and potential investors.

“Storytelling is a great way to connect, it’s a great way to build that relationship with the public. And that opportunity is something that exists only in digital media…”

The challenging yet entertaining session concluded with a Q&A panel discussion. Peita was joined by Martin Spry, CEO of IRM; Simon Carson, general manager of CIS NSW at Computershare; and Jane Lowe, managing director of IR Department.

Our special thanks to Peita, as well as panelists Martin, Simon and Jane, for their time and great insights shared with us. Thanks also to Computershare for partnering with us for this maiden event. And not to forget, all those who joined us for this networking session over morning tea. Here’s to more IR get-togethers like this!

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