Hearts and Minds rolls out simple yet purposeful website

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Investors are not always rational in assessing their investment decisions.

In the early part of their journey, some investors would not be decided on specific facts to look for about your company. And by looking at your website’s design, imagery and key messages, they will be guided emotionally about how they feel about your business.

Other investors, however, will just want facts, facts and facts. “Just show me the numbers!”

Either way, your website will need to deliver all of those in an easily accessible format. Just the way Hearts and Minds Investments did it in its recently launched website.

Hearts and Minds (ASX: HM1) is a new listed investment company with a charitable goal to help fund medical research charities. The company provides a unique opportunity to invest in a concentrated portfolio of shares selected by some of the best fund managers both in Australia and internationally.

Don’t let its simple layout fool you. The attractive site packs a punch with all key information investors need to know about the company, its fund managers and charities. Helping stakeholders understand its investment strategy and learn about its board and investment committee.

Explore its Investor Centre and you’ll find that it doesn’t only host latest ASX Announcements, third-party news and video interviews. The company’s up-to-date share price and charts are also available for its investor community, among other key features.

Hearts and Minds’ website was crafted using HQi from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Hearts and Minds to kick off their online investor presence.

Perhaps we can help you launch your website too? We can also assist in redesigning it with more investor features. Call us on +61 2 8705 5444 or email at clientrelations@irmau.com so we can get started.

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