HGL enriches website with investor-focused features

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HGL website

Triumphs over adversities.

Significant achievements.

Moments of inspiration.

These are just some milestones that have shaped your organisation. And perhaps you may be so used to these events that you've missed out on how they have marked your company’s evolution.

These breakthroughs have a significant role in building trust and recognition for your business. Especially for investors with little or no knowledge about you.

That’s why it’s important to describe who you are and where you come from in your website. Providing your organisation’s origins and values establishes credibility and respect within your investor community.

A great way to portray your company's history is through a timeline on your web page. One that doesn’t have to be complicated.

See how HGL Limited (ASX: HNG) showcases a timeline in its newly-designed website. This timeline briefly highlights how the active investment company was started as well as turning points in its business. HGL owns a diverse portfolio of product marketing and supply chain companies in Australia and overseas.

HGL’s latest site rolls out other new features to provide investors key facts about its business. Such as its share price on its home page and Investor Centre. Keeping its performance in the market up-to-date for stakeholders.

Looking sharp with its bright colours, HGL’s new website not only details about the company and its business units. It also allows HGL to easily communicate ASX announcements and other news items to its investor audience. Making it quick to update shareholders with the news they need, whether through its site, email or LinkedIn page.

HGL’s brand-new website was designed using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM was pleased to work with HGL on giving its online presence a leg up.

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