How a virtual AGM extends your investor audience reach

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Virtual AGMs

Australian companies and investors are embracing the digital shift to virtual annual general meetings (AGMs). In fact, 68% of AGMs in 2020 were online or hybrid, according to Computershare’s 2021 AGM Intelligence Report.

Running an effective virtual AGM will largely depend on several components, like your webcast, as Boardroom.Media discusses in its article, “2021 Annual General Meetings - virtual, physical or both?”. Whether it’s a live broadcast or a video-recorded presentation, webcasting is crucial for well-organised communications in AGMs.

However, any meeting is only as successful as the number of attendees. I've had clients say, "Why should I go to all the trouble and expense of a virtual AGM, webcast, etc., when only five people turn up?" I think many have forgotten that an AGM is open to visitors as well as shareholders.

In these virtual times, why not invite as many visitors as you want? It's free!

AGM inviteInvite as many investors as you want to your AGM. 

With virtual AGMs, companies are seeing the marketing opportunity again for an AGM to promote themselves to a broader audience than just registered current shareholders, at no extra cost. Brilliant for investors generally, and not much extra effort for the company, if done well.

Even if people don't want to watch the boring bits of the meeting, and don't care about the voting, they can watch the presentation live, and observe (or participate in) the Q&A. There are not really any other opportunities for investors to ask the company questions directly and openly in a public forum. 

But it does all depend on getting people to turn up - and the people your company actually wants there, not just Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

So, how do you promote your AGM to recruit investors and attendees you’re targeting? Two ideas you can take off with:

1. Have an AGM page on your company website

An AGM page is a dedicated section on your website that will serve as an info hub for investors to quickly access all particulars about your meeting. It’s a clever set up that will deliver your event details and encourage participation from more visitors.

Check out how ASX-listed companies have taken advantage of this simple move here.

AGM pageCreate an AGM page on your website for more participation from investors.

2. Maximise your email alerts list to send invites

Do you encourage your website visitors to subscribe for email alerts when your company news are published? Capture all contact details you can from interested or potentially interested people and add them to your email alerts list. Your share registry’s list and executives’ business contacts can start off your subscriber database.

Use this email alerts list to get the word out on your AGM and expand your event’s reach.

AGM email alertsLeverage email alerts to send out invites for your AGM's target investors.

The bottom line

Grab the opportunity to promote your company to a broader audience through your AGM. Start with an AGM page on your website and leverage your email alerts list to send invites. These handy ideas will set you on your way to a successful AGM that reaches a wider investor audience!

Over to you

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