How a virtual data room expedites your transactions

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Are you in the process of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or fundraising?

Perhaps you’re pursuing a Merger & Acquisition (M&A) or a strategic partnership?

You’ll need a data room to house important documents for your specific transaction. No, not a physical data room that’s inconvenient and time consuming, given its limitations. We’re talking about a virtual data room that all parties involved can safely access from anywhere in the world.

A virtual data room is essentially a website with limited controlled access using a secure log-on supplied by the owner. This online electronic repository can be used for data storage, document sharing, securing sensitive documents to accomplish the disclosure of documents to the authorised parties for financial or legal transactions, among other purposes through a secure dedicated portal. It’s equipped with features to get your deals completed!

How does it work?

A virtual data room stores your documents in electronic format on a central server that’s accessed via the Internet. The authorised parties can tap into this secure online facility through a supplied username and password. They can safely view and share documents with others who are privy to the undertaking.

Moreover, as the owner of the virtual data room, you can easily terminate access to the facility once the transaction is complete. (Or at any time.) No worries about your information being stolen or misappropriated.

Here are some of the most common transactions where virtual data rooms are utilised:

IPO - Launching an IPO. Your document management will help you prepare for new regulations you’ll be subject to. It will also address transparency requirements for potential shareholders and regulators.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) - Large volumes of confidential documents are required to be reviewed and accessed during this process. What better way to house all relevant documents within a virtual data room. You can provide safe access of valuable yet sensitive data to engage in purchase offers.

Fundraising - Perfect for your fundraising round, where numerous data and document sharing will be in play. It will facilitate the exchange of classified information in a portal that maintains better control and oversight. Allowing leadership teams on both parties to feel comfortable during negotiations.

Long story short

Want to expedite your business transactions? A virtual data room will be advantageous for your negotiations. This tool will enable you to share critical information with authorised parties through a secure online environment. Particularly for proceedings that require heaps of documents to be reviewed, like in an IPO, M&A or fundraising round.

Grease the wheels on your deals

A virtual data room is possible through the HQi content management system (CMS) of IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists.

We can help you set it up and run it. Promise, it won’t be a bother to upload documents and manage files. Not at all!

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