How the .au domain extension works for your website

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AU domain

Your website establishes your online presence with a trusted domain. Much like an Internet address, your domain is the location of your site. It’s your brand name online, as it pinpoints your site with a unique designation that’s globally recognised.

While .com or .net domains are standard worldwide, there are country code top-level domains that are reserved for countries. Like the new .au domain extension specific for Australia. It’s a brilliant opportunity to register your new domain name or to shorten your current one.

What does the new .au domain extension offer? Consider some helpful insights on this latest feature for your website.

1. Identifies your company as Australian

A .au in your domain name shows that you’re an Australian business. It signifies that your company qualified for the requirements of auDA, the administrator of Australia's .au top level domain. Having this domain extension affirms you have a “verifiable Australian presence” as an organisation registered in the country.

Attracts localsA .au domain will identify your business as Australian and attract local audiences.

2. Attracts local audiences

Say for instance, your domain name is “”. It doesn’t exactly show where your business operates, right? A .com or .net extension can be used anywhere in the world.

But when you have “”, that clearly displays an Australian business website, doesn’t it? Compare it to “,” indicating the company is from the United Kingdom or “,” which obviously specifies it's located in the United States of America.

Naturally, when your Aussie audience Googles your company, the .au extension appearing on your website URL will easily point out that you’re an Australian organisation. It’s a winning strategy for targeting locals who prefer to transact with businesses within the country.

3. Gives credibility to your website

The .au domain serves as your seal of credibility because companies cannot acquire it unless they satisfy auDA’s conditions. In effect, this establishes the .au domain as one of the most credible domains in cyberspace.

With that said, owning a .au domain extension will boost the authenticity of your business. It will also enable you to stand out as a trusted Australian brand in both local and international markets.

Website credibilityA .au domain will give credibility to your website and make it more memorable.

4. Makes your domain name easier to remember

A .au extension will do away with the .com from your website URL. It will create a shorter and more memorable domain name.

So, instead of “,” you can register your business with a more concise domain like “” It’s not only easier to remember, but also faster to type too.

5. Boosts your website’s SEO ranking

Google and other search engines have specific considerations when ranking websites in search results. Location is among factors that categorise the most relevant answers. With a .au domain, your visibility will improve, and your search engine ranking will step up.

That’s because a .au domain will enable Google to quickly recognise your business as based in Australia. So, when your local audience search online, your website will more likely land in top results for searches relating to your products or services.

Boosts SEOA .au domain will boost your SEO ranking.

Gain advantage with a .au domain extension

The new .au domain extension is a brilliant opportunity to register your new domain name or to shorten your current one. It will distinguish your company as Australian as it draws local audiences in. It will add credibility to your website and offer a memorable domain name. Plus, it will increase your site’s SEO ranking too.

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