How to communicate sustainability on your website

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Sustainability page

  • Create a sustainability section on your website and show it on your navigation.
  • Give details about your sustainability strategy on your website.
  • Add key facts to support your sustainability efforts on your website.

Sustainability is becoming mainstream for companies, a strategy necessary to be competitive today. Businesses are recognising the need to act on sustainable programs as expectations on corporate responsibility increase. Companies are not only expected to achieve financial performance but to give back to society.

Consequently, sustainability principles are being incorporated into business policies. Companies integrating such aspects in their decision-making processes not only gain environmental and social benefits. These businesses also reap financial advantages as sustainability draws more interest from investors.

Investors are attracted to companies having sound environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices. These ESG aspects influence investors’ decisions and make them feel good as they invest in companies that care about people and the environment. Clearly, ESG measures are drivers of value and can significantly impact business performance as well as market value.

How are you communicating your sustainability efforts to your investor community? Are you reflecting such endeavours on your website? Here are some doable ideas to start off on your website:

1. Create a sustainability section on your website and show it on your navigation.

Devote a sustainability section on your website or include a web page under your About Us, News or Careers subcategories. Show this section or page on your site navigation to let investors easily find your sustainable strategies.

You can also have a snapshot of your sustainability initiatives on your homepage, with a link to your web page elaborating on your social and community involvement. This will catch the eye of investors and direct them to a big picture of your commitment to sustainability.

Click the image below for some inspiration from OceanaGold's sustainability section

OceanaGold sustainability sectionOceanaGold's sustainability section on its website.

2. Give details about your sustainability strategy on your website.

An overview of your sustainability game plan on your website could be a deciding factor for investors considering an investment in your business. Detail your company’s sustainability focus in your community, including stories of your environmental and social feats.

Investors appreciate detailed information on your sustainability goals and how your company follows through on these targets. Your credibility with investors will likely increase as your company participates in sustainable causes and espouses the same values with stakeholders.

For more ideas, browse IGO's sustainability section through the image below.

IGO sustainability sectionIGO's sustainability section on its website.

3. Add key facts to support your sustainability efforts on your website.

Speaking of credibility, it’s not enough to say you are committed to sustainability. You must back up your sustainable goals with factual information to affirm that your company is authentic and trustworthy.

Feature key facts and stories with real-life images and videos to substantiate your sustainability approach. These content about your sustainability pursuits will help investors trust your company’s narratives. It will assure stakeholders that you prioritise sustainable endeavours as you say you do.

Tap the image below to find relatable concepts from Alkane Resources' sustainability section.

Alkane's ESG sectionAlkane's sustainability section on its website.

To put it briefly

When it comes to sustainability, communicating your efforts will earn investors’ trust and make you stand out from competitors. Leverage your website with a devoted sustainability section that will provide details about your strategy. Don’t forget to include key facts to back up your sustainable initiatives on your site.

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