How to craft and share your CEO’s new year message for investors

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New Year message

  • Incorporate elements into your CEO’s New Year message, such as financial highlights and strategic outlook.
  • Communicate this message across online platforms, like your website, email and social media.
  • Embrace the power of video to engage your investor community effectively in the new year.


As 2024 has kicked off, it's crucial for your company to reflect on your journey the past year and set the tone for the brand-new twelvemonth. Creating a compelling New Year message from your CEO or director to your investors not only fosters goodwill. It also sets the stage for a positive and transparent relationship.

Delve into key elements to include in your CEO’s New Year message to stakeholders. Explore effective ways to share it across your website, email, and social media channels, including the dynamic medium of video.


  • Recap and gratitude

Begin by recapping your achievements and milestones of the past year. Express gratitude to your investors for their trust throughout the venture.

You could talk about the record-breaking sales or initiatives your company achieved in 2023, thanks to the unwavering support of your shareholders. Extend your gratitude for their partnership, which propels your team forward.

  • Strategic outlook

Provide a glimpse into the strategic direction your company will take in the new year. Highlight key objectives, plans, and potential growth areas. This demonstrates your commitment to long-term success. 

Perhaps mention how you’re excited to announce a bold expansion into newfound markets in the coming months. Describe your strategic focus for the year, like diversifying your product line, leveraging emerging technologies, or enhancing customer experiences.

New Year messageAdd financial highlights and strategic outlook in your CEO's new year message.

  • Financial highlights

State key financial highlights from the previous year and outline any significant financial goals for the latest timeline. This transparency builds confidence among your investor community.

For instance, point out the increase in revenue or the rise in net profit your company has accomplished in the past year. Relay how these robust financials underscore your resolve to delivering sustainable value to your shareholders.

  • Economic landscape

Briefly discuss the prevailing economic conditions and how they might impact your industry and, consequently, your company. Investors appreciate insights into the external factors influencing your business. 

Articulate how your industry anticipates steady growth, considering the global economic landscape. Touch on how you're positioned to capitalise on emerging trends and navigate challenges, ensuring a resilient future for your stakeholders.

  • Risk mitigation

Address any potential risks or challenges that your company may face in the new year. Indicate your proactive strategies for risk mitigation, showcasing your dedication to effective governance.

While you anticipate industry shifts, spell out your proactive risk mitigation strategies, such as diversifying suppliers and enhancing cybersecurity measures. This will confirm your drive to protecting shareholder interests.

CEO messageDeliver your CEO's new year message through your website, email and social media.


Now that you’ve done your CEO's New Year message, how do you get it across to your investor audience? Here are some ideas to deliver it through different online channels stakeholders prefer: 

1. Website

  • Produce a dedicated section on your website for investor communications, if you don’t have one yet.
  • Publish the New Year message as a news article or blog in this section, ensuring it is easily accessible from your homepage.
  • Incorporate relevant keywords and tags to optimise for SEO, such as “financial highlights” or “strategic outlook”.

2. Email

  • Send a personalised email to your investor mailing list.
  • Attach the New Year message as a PDF or include a link to the dedicated webpage.
  • Use a professional and visually appealing email template that’s customised with your company’s brand.

3. Video message

  • Organise a brief video interview with your CEO delivering the New Year message.
  • Post the video on your website, social media, and include a link in your email communication.
  • Ensure the video is of high quality and conveys a genuine and authentic message.

4. Social media

  • Put together concise and engaging snippets of your message for social media posts.
  • Have short clips of your video message to post on platforms like LinkedIn or X (formerly Twitter).
  • Include relevant hashtags and encourage interaction by posing questions or seeking feedback.

CEO videoLeverage video to get better engagement from your CEO's new year message.

Get set for 2024

Incorporating these elements into your CEO’s New Year message and strategically sharing it across platforms will strengthen your investor relations. Embrace the power of various communication channels to engage your investor community effectively in the new year.

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