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With today’s digital-first environment, investors have high expectations for online access to information. As you can probably tell, this digital acceleration is largely fueled by remote work in the new normal.

Undoubtedly, investors are using online content more than ever before. In fact, 73% of investors depend on digital tools for communications, according to a recent research.

But with so much media content on the Internet, can you guess which information source investors prefer?

Investor websites beat all sources, even traditional news providers, the survey noted. Investor websites are not only the most used, but they are the most trusted information source of stakeholders. Picture this, 92% of investors tap investor sites to research an issue, while 72% base investment decisions from them.

With that said, how does your investor website effectively communicate to investors? Does it capture their attention once they visit your site? For starters, try these three best practices for size.

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1. Make your website navigation simple

Your website navigation is key to a great user experience as it allows investors to quickly find information they're looking for on your site. They want facts fast as they are busy and important people.

When they arrive at your investor website, they will have a maximum of two clicks in their mind, and they know what they want to find out. If you can’t deliver what they want directly from your home page, make sure it’s on the next page they visit. Intuitive design will help organise your site to become easy to navigate for stakeholders.

2. Highlight your vital info

Draw attention to your business highlights and financial data on your investor website. Make sure to have your investor proposition, latest news, events and contact details clearly accessible. This would make things significantly easier for investors to explore your site.

How about providing an interactive experience for investors, such as email alerts, share price calculator and downloadable fact sheets or reports? This will enable them to get relevant data that can influence their investment decisions in real time.

3. Use visuals and videos to convey your story

Websites with visuals get 94% more views than those without, while 59% of senior executives would rather watch videos than read text. So, make use of videos, images, icons and call-to-action buttons on your investor website.

Incorporate graphs, pie charts or infographics to break down your crucial financials. Add photos of your leadership and team members to give a human face to your company’s brand. Create a one-stop-shop page where investors can easily find presentations, webcasts, events and related media.

Long story short

Your investor website needs to effectively communicate to investors in the current digital-first space. Enhance your site with simple navigation and highlight vital information to increase engagement with stakeholders. Remember to use visuals and videos to convey your story too.

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