How to easily email news to investors with IRM Newsroom

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Emails via IRM Newsroom

  • Be stress-free when you email ASX announcements and updates to investors with IRM Newsroom.
  • Use this all-in-one solution to create newsletters, manage subscribers and analyse email stats.
  • No need to login to different platforms or have third-parties manage your email communications.


Many forward-looking ASX-listed companies just love IRM Newsroom. It’s the powerful news delivery platform that beefs up your communications with investors.

This smart news delivery plug-in gets your announcements published on your website within a minute of release from the ASX. Talk about fast news distribution to keep investors up to date on your company’s progress!

But more than instantly posting ASX announcements on your website, did you know that IRM Newsroom also enables you to easily email news quickly? With little to no effort at all. No wonder it’s a well-liked service of discerning businesses.

IRM Newsroom gives you complete control of who to email your news to, which ones to send and when to deliver them. No need to move to another email platform to organise subscribers, or sort announcements and relay them on time.

With IRM Newsroom, you have your specific account that gives direct access. So you can send emails, even urgent ones if you want to. Quite unnecessary to ask third parties to dispatch news for you. You’ll rest easy, particularly in crucial times, as this reliable process will convey your business accurately.

Email templateIRM Newsroom provides templates for your emails and newsletters.

Here’s how IRM Newsroom helps you email news to investors in a cinch.

  • Create EMAIL TEMPLATES and NEWSLETTERS with a drag-and-drop tool

Branded emails foster a feeling of reliability. Investors or recipients of your email are more likely to respond if they are familiar with your brand.

That’s why IRM Newsroom delivers your emails in your unique company branding. Your emails will reach investors with a professional representation of your brand, bearing your logo, font style and colours. Not only because first impressions last forever, but also because it communicates trustworthiness in your company.

And did you know IRM Newsroom makes it possible for you to create business newsletters too?

Newsletters are impressive tools for building relationships with investors. These popular formats allow you to demonstrate your company’s growth and industry knowledge while cultivating connections with subscribers. Think of it as a business summary that offers a wholistic snapshot of your organisation.

It doesn't have to be complicated. With IRM Newsroom, you can produce a newsletter through its drag-and-drop setup that’s user friendly as well. Yes, this feature just needs to be activated upon request. You don't need to login to another platform for designing newsletters. Ask us about it or read more here.

Email subscribersIRM Newsroom lets you own and organise your email subscribers.

  • Own and organise your EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS

No one knows your investor audience and your business partners more than you. You understand your subscriber groups and know which news to get to them.

That’s why IRM Newsroom empowers you to keep your email subscribers and group them accordingly. You can combine them as sophisticated investors, potential shareholders, business partners, analysts, or have any category you choose. No longer necessary to depend on third-party consultants to manage them for you.

  • Evaluate your EMAIL ANALYTICS

Now after you’ve sent your emails, wouldn’t it be great to secure analytics to help evaluate its performance and audience engagement? So you can improve on your emails going forward, right?

That’s why IRM Newsroom has a subscriber activity stream that lets you view responses from your investors. It equips you to keep track of data, like who opened your email and those who clicked your links. You'll also get delivery errors that point to faulty email addresses or bouncebacks. Should there be any who choose to unsubscribe, they will be automatically excluded from your mailing list. This capability is yet another Newsroom feature waiting to serve you.

Email analyticsIRM Newsroom offers analytics for your email campaigns.

More than posting news to your website

IRM Newsroom makes it convenient for you to email ASX announcements and updates to investors -- no hassles! It’s all in one platform – creating email templates and newsletters, managing subscribers, analysing responses and stats. Saves you time. Saves you money. How good is that?

Get IRM Newsroom to do the work for you

Benefit the most from IRM Newsroom and gain full control of your news delivery. Get in touch with us on +61 2 8705 5444 or for a demo. We’d be happy to show you the ropes. Chat soon!