How to educate investors about your company

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How big is your industry?

How will you generate profit?

What makes your company a better investment compared to your competitors?

These are just some questions you’ll face as potential investors look into your company.

Investors want to be part of a successful company that gives a return. That’s why they take time to do research first.

And your responses to their questions will ascertain whether you’ll get the capital you need. Or if you’ll walk away empty-handed.

No worries! YOU are the expert on your company and your industry. All you need to do is understand the educational needs of your investors and support them.

As they choose to learn more about you, progression rates in their investor journey will improve. And the better the progression rates, the more you’ll eventually lead them to the final stage – becoming a committed shareholder.

Here are 3 suggestions for educating investors through your online investor relations:

1. Position your company in its industry

Investors love to classify companies in different ways. So you want to make certain your website provides the information they need to get your classification right.

Stakeholders will also be looking at peers in the same industry. It’s key to explain where you fit in the big picture. It ensures how you differentiate yourself from your peers.

2. Deliver industry information and news

Give educational materials that describe your industry in your site. Such as uses of products and services, market assessments, and the like. Include your company’s role in the industry too.

Consider geographical opportunities to educate. This means offering information on your projects’ locations. Particularly places that are not familiar to your audience.

3. Convey non-company news

Are there current industry or geographical news that are relevant to your company? Include links to third-party news or to your own blog in your website. This will help your investors have an overall view of your company and industry.

In a nutshell

Educating investors about your company is essential in the success of your online investor relations. Remember to position your company in its industry. And don’t forget to deliver industry information as well as non-company news. The better investors understand your business, the more confident they’ll feel about their prospective investment.

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