How to engage new shareholders with a welcome page

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New shareholders

  • Make a strategic investment in your IR with a welcome page crafted for new shareholders on your website.
  • Cultivate a favourable stakeholder experience, promote transparency, and position your company as investor friendly with this move.
  • Create a gateway to a more informed, engaged, and satisfied shareholder base with this page on your site.

First impressions matter. This adage holds particularly true in investor relations.  

A welcome page for new shareholders acts as a virtual handshake that offers a warm introduction to your company through your website. It sets the tone for a positive relationship as your new investors enter into your organisation’s world. It is the digital doorstep which makes their initial encounter with your business impactful and insightful.

A well-crafted welcome page for new stakeholders serves as a pivotal tool to engage and retain your newbie stakeholders. Check out some key features for an effective welcome page below:

1. Welcome note and video

Begin your new shareholder’s journey with a personalised welcome note. Express gratitude for their investment and highlight the significance of their role in your business. You’ll create an immediate connection and make new stakeholders feel valued from the outset.

How about a welcome video to give a personal touch from your leadership? Your CEO or chairman’s recorded message will go beyond words. This multimedia approach ensures that new shareholders not only read about your appreciation but also feel it through the authenticity your leadership conveys.

This dynamic combination of a written welcome and a video greeting establishes a powerful human connection, setting an optimistic tone for their shareholder experience. It communicates that their investment is more than a transaction. It's a partnership and you’re thrilled to have them as a valued member of your investor community.

2. Company overview

Offer a concise but comprehensive overview of your business. This section is a snapshot that should include your key milestones, vision and core values that drive decision-making. Use engaging visuals and storytelling techniques to make this segment not just informative but also captivating, giving new shareholders a quick understanding of the essence of your organisation.

Video execA welcome video provides new shareholders a personal touch from your leadership.

3. Dividend information

Dive into the details of your dividend policies, payment schedules, and historical performance. Transparency is key here. New shareholders appreciate a clear understanding of how dividends are handled, contributing to a sense of financial security. Have charts and graphs to visualise dividend trends, reinforcing the reliability and predictability of your company's financial practices.

4. Communication preferences

Empower new shareholders to set their communication preferences when receiving statements and notifications, whether electronically or in the mail. This would determine how they would obtain documents, such as annual reports, notices of meeting, proxy/voting forms and payment statements. It not only enhances their shareholder experience but also ensures they stay interested with the information format that matters most to them.

5. FAQs

Devote a section to frequently asked questions (FAQs) to address common queries new shareholders may have. Through proactively providing answers, you save stakeholders time and demonstrate a commitment to transparency. Keep this part regularly updated to reflect the evolving needs and concerns of your investor community.

IR contact A named IR contact assures new shareholders their questions will be addressed.

6. Email alerts subscription

Make staying informed effortless through a straightforward subscription option for email alerts on this web page. This feature allows new shareholders to receive timely updates on your business news, financial reports, and other critical developments. A well-managed email alert system ensures they are kept in the loop without having to actively seek information. 

7. IR contact details

Prominently display your key contact details on this web page, including named IR persons. This creates an avenue for direct communication and assures new shareholders that the appropriate individuals within your organisation will address their questions or concerns. Accessibility fosters trust and reinforces the commitment to open and responsive communication.

8. Social media

Incorporate social media buttons that link to your official profiles. This integration enables new shareholders to connect with your organisation on platforms they frequent, fostering a sense of community and providing an additional channel for communication. Share relevant updates, interact with investors, and showcase the human side of your organisation through your social media channels.

Electronic notificationA welcome page offers new shareholders to stay connected via email and social media.

Kickstart your new shareholders' journey

A meticulously designed welcome page on your website is not just a formality but a strategic investment in new shareholder relations. It cultivates a favourable stakeholder experience, promotes transparency, and positions your company as investor friendly. With these features, your welcome page becomes a gateway to a more informed, engaged, and satisfied shareholder base. 

Elevate your online IR game

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