How to go beyond press releases to communicate with investors

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Beyond PRs

  • Press releases often fail to capture investor attention in today's digital age.
  • Integrate diverse communication channels to amplify your investor audience reach.
  • Adapt to evolving investor preferences and strengthen relationships with stakeholders.


The traditional press release has long been a valuable tool for companies to disseminate important updates to stakeholders. However, in recent years, the landscape of communication has shifted. With the rise of digital platforms and social media, press releases are suffering from a perceived lack of relevance.

Press releases have become increasingly widespread, flooding the wires with information that often fails to capture investor attention. With the onset of a more discerning audience, companies are recognising the need to evolve their communication strategies beyond press releases.

Explore some of the alternative communication channels your ASX-listed company can leverage to enhance your brand visibility and investor engagement.

1. Investor websites

A well-designed website serves as a central hub for stakeholders to access your key financial information and regulatory filings. Optimise your site for investor engagement with up-to-date content and intuitive navigation.

Incorporate interactive tools on your website, such as customisable share price charts or calculators. Enhance your platform with multimedia elements, like videos or infographics, that allow investors to gain further insights into your company's game plan.

Investor websitesInvestor websites provide access to financial information.

2. Email newsletters

Email newsletters remain a powerful tool for delivering targeted news directly to your stakeholders. Curate personalised content, including financial results and operational recaps, to keep investors engaged on a regular basis.

Send out quarterly email newsletters summarising your company's performance with crucial metrics like revenue growth and earnings per share. Offer exclusive details or behind-the-scenes updates for a deeper understanding of your operations and intended direction.

3. Social media

Platforms like LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook give a direct line of communication for your investors and the broader public. Sharing your corporate milestones foster meaningful interactions and build a loyal online community.

Host Q&A sessions on X for stakeholders to ask questions directly to your company representatives in real-time. Share success stories from shareholders on LinkedIn to showcase the impact of your business and build a sense of community among investors.

4. Video

Video is a dynamic way to accentuate your company’s achievements and communicate complex messages. Draw on video to engage stakeholders and enhance your online presence through executive interviews or product demonstrations.

Launch a series of videos with your CEO discussing business updates for an authentic connection to your leadership team. Create virtual tours of your facilities and share them on your website and social media for a behind-the-scenes look at your operations.

Email NewslettersEmail newsletters deliver news directly to your stakeholders.

5. Corporate blogs

A corporate blog opens a way to share your thought leadership pieces and company developments in a more comprehensive format. Consider a blog’s flexibility in content creation to engage investors on your business summaries.

Publish expert opinion pieces presenting data into industry trends and market forecasts to help investors make informed decisions. Share stories of essential employees to humanise your company and highlight its talented workforce. 

6. Webinars and virtual events

Webinars and virtual events let you engage with investors for specifics into your corporate playbook. Maximise these interactive sessions for meaningful dialogues that can help build trust and credibility with your stakeholders.

Hold webinars to recap quarterly earnings calls for a keen analysis of your financial results and Q&A sessions with chief officials. Organise virtual investor days where stakeholders participate in breakout sessions and get inputs about your performance outlook. 

7. Podcasts

Podcasts have emerged as a popular medium for conveying industry info and executive interviews in a more conversational format. Create podcasts to share your story and reach a diverse audience of investors.

Invite industry experts for interviews on your company's podcast to discuss emerging technologies and projected opportunities. Start a podcast series featuring stories from loyal shareholders to highlight the reasons behind their long-term commitment. 

Video interviewsVideo interviews offer a personal connection with investors.

In a nutshell

While press releases remain a cornerstone of corporate communication, integrating diverse channels into your strategy can amplify your reach and impact in today's digital age. Incorporating alternative communication channels enables your company to adapt to evolving investor preferences and strengthen relationships with stakeholders.  

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