How to level up your website with an investor welcome page

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Investor welcome page

Investors know what they want. They search your website to look into a current or potential investment. They go to your site with a set of expectations on what to find when they get there.

That’s why it’s important to organise your website with clarity as you present information. It would make things significantly easier for investors to research investments when you provide a coherent story about your business. Well-defined content paired with design that centers on investor needs will allow a smooth user experience for them.

This is where an investor welcome page will come handy on your website.

An investor welcome page is simply a dedicated page on your site that will serve as a gateway to focus on simplified views of financial data and business highlights. It will provide favourable impressions as your site summarises stock data and key details on a single page.

Having an impressive investor welcome page will deliver your crucial facts right where investors want it without overwhelming them with complicated data. It will also encourage stakeholders to keep looking through your site. Making it effortless for them to go the next click as they pursue initial thoughts that brought them there.

How will your investor welcome page become a game-changer? Consider these must-have elements to bring to the table, with examples to boot:

1. Investor proposition

Tell the story about your potential as an investment. Stakeholders want to see your company's narrative and investment vision, more than just your financials. This account encourages them to like your business and trust your management, which makes way to their next decision - considering an investment. Including a fact sheet will furnish all need-to-know investor info in one place too.

Elixinol Wellness presents a clear “Why Invest” section on its investor welcome page, as seen below. Click on the image to visit Elixinol’s website.

Elixinol investor welcome pageElixinol presents a clear “Why Invest” section on its investor welcome page.

2. Share price and chart

Include your share price and chart on your investor welcome page for a smart move. Though it’s not the first thing investors look at, as they don’t visit your website just to see your share price. But while they are there, a view of your share price will assist them to decide about a trade.

Sandfire Resources does this well with a prominent share price chart at the top of its investor welcome page. Investors can even click on a button beside the chart to see more specifics on its share price. 

3. Latest news and financial reports

Highlight your key ASX Announcements and newest annual report on your investor welcome page and keep them current. Why? Clearly because investors want to know the freshest updates on your venture.

IGO aces its investor welcome page with a showcase of its ASX Announcements and financial reports side by side with its share price stats. Select the image below to check out IGO’s website.

IGO investor welcome pageIGO aces its investor welcome page with a showcase of its ASX Announcements and financial reports.

4. Investor presentations and events

Give instant access to your investor presentations and corporate events (like your AGM) on your investor welcome page. This will enhance engagement as investors enjoy a visual experience from your presentations and get particulars on key dates they can participate in.

A great example on this is how Australian Strategic Materials skillfully displays its corporate presentations on its investor welcome page. Click the image below to drop by ASM’s website.

ASM investor welcome pageASM skillfully displays its corporate presentations on its investor welcome page.

5. Contact details and email alerts

Motivate investors to connect with you through your investor welcome page. Have a section for contact information so they can promptly engage with your company. Email alerts subscription will also help for them to stay informed with your news.

Little Green Pharma cleverly demonstrates this feature on its investor welcome page. Tap the image below to view Little Green Pharma’s website.

Little Green Pharma investor welcome pageLittle Green Pharma cleverly shows an email alerts form on its investor welcome page.

Ready to create your investor welcome page?

Your investor welcome page will be the central access that draws attention to your business highlights and financial data. Make sure to have your investor proposition, share price and chart, as well as latest news and financial reports on the page. Don’t forget to incorporate your investor presentations and events along with contact details and email alerts.

A little help goes a long way

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