How to maximise your investor presentation for your website

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Presentation to website

  • Repurpose your presentation as website content to make your site relevant to investors.
  • Align the branding in your presentation with your web pages.
  • Move visuals and content from your presentation to your website.


Your corporate presentation is one of the first things investors search for to find out more about your business. It’s your unique opportunity to tell your story in a manner that sets your best foot forward.

Without a doubt, your investor presentation carries a clear communication of your company’s evolving story. It’s an effective platform that conveys your management’s vision, market opportunities and competitive advantage. It essentially promotes your product launches, access to different markets and moves in growth strategies.

That’s why you invest time and resources in creating a slick presentation, right? You put tons of effort in countless hours to craft a compelling story with your slides. Sometimes you even hire a professional design team to produce amazing visuals to go with your deck.

But your presentation doesn’t have to end at your investor event.

Have you thought of opening your presentation to a whole new audience online? Yes, we’re talking about turning it into fresh content for your website. (Wait, what now?)

Using your presentation as additional content for your website will be maximising its lifespan and expanding its reach. Picture it as driving more mileage from your PowerPoint or Keynote with minimal effort. Think of it as empowering your deck to catch various segments of your investor community, both locally and globally, no matter the time zones.

Leveraging your presentation for your website is not only an efficient use of time and resources. It’s a smart move that provides value to your investors while at the same time giving you a return on your initial investment. All it takes is sifting through the content and images you need from the slides and moving it to your website.

How do you put out your well-prepared presentation into brand-new website content? Consider these simple yet proactive ideas…

1. Align the BRANDING in your presentation and your website

Chances are that the design of your current presentation mirrors your company’s latest branding. This is true particularly if you’ve recently changed your business name or simply polished your logo. Has your website also adopted these changes though?

Just to start things right, be sure to bring the corporate identity in your presentation over to your website. This will ascertain those characteristics that make your business stand out will clearly be conveyed and consistent in all messaging channels.

So, apply your new logo on your website and tap the same colours and fonts as in your presentation. This will distinguish your brand personality, deliver a coherent look, and align all your communication collaterals.

BrandingAlign the branding in your presentation with your website.

2. Move VISUALS from your presentation to your website

To be sure, your presentation has awesome visuals to get your points across and keep investors interested. No need to harp on how stakeholders appreciate images as an engaging way to give meaning to your content. Why not apply this same principle on your website?

Select from your presentation’s graphs, charts or maps and take them over to your website. Any product images, management profiles or infographics you can get from your deck as well? Perhaps a short video clip of your CEO’s interview or mining exploration can be added to your site too?

Seek out visuals in your presentation and see how you can source those assets for your site’s banner, board bio, product pages, project locations. You’ll just need to adjust the image dimensions to make certain they render nicely on your site as they should.

VisualsMove visuals from your presentation to your website.

3. Adopt the CONTENT from your presentation to your website

Definitely, your presentation offers clear-cut information about your business to attract investors. That’s the reason your slides have the latest news and announcements to get them onboard. Don’t let these up-to-date facts and figures go to waste.

Put your presentation’s content to good use and showcase them on your website. Check your site’s existing content against your current pitch deck for accuracy and relevance. Do away with old info and add the newly released data to update your web pages. This will enhance your credibility and improve on your search engine rankings.

Is there a clinical trial that’s proven successful with positive results? Are there assays that show much promise on your exploration? Bring these updates in your presentation over to your website. You can also create transcripts of your executive running the presentation and transform them into blog posts to be featured on your site.

ContentAdopt the content from your presentation to your website.

Unlock your presentation to update your website

Transforming your presentation into valuable website content is a great way to maximise your deck. Begin with aligning the branding in your presentation with your website. Move visuals and adopt the content from your presentation to upgrade your website. These are simple yet productive ways to keep your site fresh and relevant to investors.

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