How your Annual Report gains advantage with IR design experts

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Annual Report design

June year-end companies, how are you going with your annual report design this year?

Will you have it designed in house or outsourced? Will you be taking on a design agency or an investor relations (IR) focused design team?

Communicating to the investor market calls for a dedicated expertise, particularly for collateral such as annual reports. That’s why companies engage IR design professionals with a wealth of experience to craft these compliance documents that doubly serve as marketing tools.

If you’re a newly listed company, appointing an IR-focused design team for your first annual report as a public entity is a smart move to enhance your post-IPO investor communications. Expertise really matters at this time to start off your annual report on the right foot.

Even if your company has been public for years now, your annual report can still get a boost from IR design professionals who can supplement your in-house team with their seasoned know-how. Appointing IR-focused creatives can handle everything from designing the look and feel of your annual report to delivering it to your investors – printed or online.

So how do IR-focused creatives help your annual report gain an advantage?

1. IR design experts are IR oriented

Without an IR design team, your annual report design would fall on the shoulders of your top executives or in-house design crew. Would they have the IR design acumen to deliver the goods?

Think of it as seeking a specialist when you need the best doctor for your specific health concern. IR design experts have the curated skills in the field of investor relations. They are the specialists who can convert your plain text into a winning format that makes your report attractive yet informative.

Being the specialists that they are, they know the must-haves of your report’s content while taking care of the IR design creativity needed for your annual report. This valuable proficiency assures a design that best represents your brand and rises above the competition. A professional design that will help achieve engaging communication through your report.

Just establish a point person or team for the project to ensure a cohesive collaboration with designers.

IR oriented designIR design experts are IR oriented.

2. IR design experts have bankable experience

IR design experts can provide vast industry knowledge and valuable outside perspective for your annual report. You’ll benefit from their level of experience and specialised talent since they devote time and effort to stay on top of the IR design space.

An IR design team’s knowledge-driven approach enables them to know the existing and emerging trends in the market. Understanding the dynamics that are important to the IR industry enables them to provide intuitive design styles that are tried and tested. 

They’ll know the design elements that will connect with investors as well as those that may not be well received, and be able to suggest excellent design options particular to your industry. They can work within your budget and timetable with the goal of presenting an impressive annual report.

IR design experienceIR design experts have the experience.

3. IR design experts have the right connections

IR design specialists offer a service that goes beyond designing your report. They have connections with printers, mail house delivery services, and web developers who can help distribute your annual report to investors. After all, what’s the use of a well-designed annual report without investors getting a copy of it?

IR design experts can point you to the right suppliers who can bring your annual report to investors as a hard copy. 

Will you also require an online format? More companies are opting for online versions of their annual report with the current digital-first shift. IR design specialists know the tech guys who can convert your printed annual report into an interactive format, published on your website or emailed to investors.

Having this resource network, IR design experts are able to provide a comprehensive quote that can include printing and delivery services. One less thing for you to worry about as the whole process will be taken care of, from design through print and delivery.

IR design connectionsIR design experts have the right connections.

Get the leverage your annual report deserves

Up the ante on your annual report this year with the help of IR design experts. IR-oriented professionals have the experience and the connections to facilitate a seamless service for your annual report from design and layout to delivery.

Consider an OG design team this year

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