Iceni Gold website sets the stage for IPO

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Iceni Gold website

Is your company planning to go public and list soon on the ASX? Then communications must be at the top of your agenda from the onset. After all, it’s not something to be added as an afterthought.

It’s important to effectively communicate with investors, stakeholders and financial media well before your listing day. What your business conveys before your initial public offering commences is as crucial as what is conveyed at the time your stock starts trading.

As part of your communications, your website will help get you on the radar of investors well in advance of your IPO. Your site will provide essential information about your business, giving answers to the “whats” and “whys” of your investment community.

Iceni Gold’s website is one great site that recently went live in preparation for its IPO. The Perth-based exploration company is focused on the 14 Mile Well Project area in the Laverton Greenstone Belt of WA. It's targeting an ASX listing in April 2021.

Months in advance, Iceni Gold started with a simple landing page to initiate its online presence. This web page introduced the company with basic information and contact details, while the full website was being prepared behind the scenes. A smart move to help lay the groundwork for its investor communications.

Iceni Gold on devicesIceni Gold's website functions smoothly on any screen size and device.

As the company prepared for its IPO, Iceni Gold’s website was fitted out to support the transaction and onwards. See how the site now showcases the company’s brand throughout its web pages as it delivers key information about the company, its Board of Directors and projects.

Front and centre, you’ll find Iceni Gold’s prospectus on its homepage and the important  “why invest” section. Stakeholders will easily be able to subscribe to its email alerts through the site’s sign up form.

Soon as it reaches its listing day, Iceni Gold’s website will be ready to highlight its share price and charts. The site is also in position to publish ASX announcements on the website page/s and email the news to investors shortly after their release.

Iceni Gold website was crafted through IRM’s HQi content management system - a user friendly platform. IRM was delighted to work with Iceni Gold in kicking off its online investor presence.

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