IRM launches 2019 seminar series: Improve your online investor engagement with 5 new ideas

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Investor relations. You're an expert already, of course! But what if you could be even better?

What if you could have 5 NEW ideas for your online investor communications? Fresh ideas you haven't thought of before?

Now that's a challenge! One that we're prepared to take on with you at our seminar series this year.

IRM is launching "5 New Ideas for Better Online Engagement with Investors" this March in several states. Boutique events offering small group sessions with ASX-listed peers.

IRM CEO Martin Spry will lead discussions on current ideas for online IR that other companies like yours have found valuable. Martin has been working with company leaders about their online investor presence for 15 years. Hundreds of companies. Talk about a rich well of wisdom and experience!

But it won’t just be Martin who’ll be sharing insights in this exclusive events. You’ll also interact with other IRM clients and resource people who’ll relate the discussion to their circumstances. This is where the magic happens. Lively discussions with lots of takeaways!

More than 30 companies gained over 200 useful ideas at our sessions in 2018. How cool is that? Way cool! We're pleased to say that every attendee left the seminars with more than 5 new ideas.

That’s why we’re holding the free sessions again this year so more companies can come aboard and learn from one another. Of course, this year's seminars will have improved content. Exploring some of the very latest of trends as well.

For 2019, we've lined up several sessions from March to July in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. So, you can choose what best fits your schedule and location. Here's a quick look at our dates:


26th - 28th March

3rd - 4th July


3rd - 4th April

1st - 2nd July


16th July



10th - 11th April

26th - 27th June

Registration is FREE and easy!

Step 1: Check our calendar HERE to select your location.

Step 2: Choose the date you want and register for the event. You're good to go!

Bring along a colleague to attend with you and register for 2 people. Or have someone come on your behalf and sign up on the registration.

You can also opt to have a one-on-one with Martin after a session if you want to chat about your particular context. Email him in advance at to set it up.

SIGN UP TODAY! Registration is limited in these small group events. You wouldn't want to miss them.

Call us on +61 2 8705 5444 for any questions or shoot us an email at More information is available on our website too.