Incremental Oil and Gas reinvents as Eon NRG

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Many companies will do it at some point. For various reasons.

Particularly when its vision has expanded beyond its initial goals.

Perhaps you’re considering one too for your company?

Take a look at how Incremental Oil and Gas Limited (IOG) changed its name to carefully realign its new strategy. A progressive move forward to strengthen engagement with clients and investors.

IOG is now known as Eon NRG Limited (ASX:E2E), an energy company focused on identifying and profitably developing resources in North America.

The company announced the rebrand establishes a more aggressive approach to value accretion through more drilling. And it supports its aim of developing a broader range of opportunities in the energy sector.

Accordingly, Eon partnered with IRM to refresh its website in relation to the move. So its new company name, logo and ticker code were all updated in the site.

Colours and fonts were also modified in the web pages to match Eon’s latest corporate palette and style guide. Of course, content was amended to correspond with the rebrand as well.

You’ll see adjustments evident in Eon’s home page and projects overview. Even its email alert templates were attuned to the fresh look and game plan.

Eon’s investor section is gaining traction with its new ticker code reflected in ASX announcements and a preliminary final report. As the business advances, more information will be available in these pages, such as its annual reports.

Eon’s website was designed using HQi and Newsroom from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were very pleased to work with Eon on reinforcing their investor communications capability.

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