INOVIQ website poises company for growth

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INOVIQ website

Business is good and you’re looking for ways to make it even better. In fact, your industry is positioned for growth and your company is poised to expand along with it. So, you’re shifting gears to offer finer products that will take your venture to the next level.

But is your website ready to support your game-changing plans? Will it allow you to make changes to your site without having to flex a technical muscle?

Imagine a customised website that’s easy to update because it’s built for users with little to no web programming skills. Wouldn’t that be great? A professionally made site that looks and runs amazingly but can be readily revised. Meaning, you can upload and edit content without having to learn coding languages.

Have a look at INOVIQ’s newest website,, to see how leading ASX-listed companies do it. INOVIQ (ASX: IIQ) is developing and commercialising diagnostic and exosome-based solutions to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases.

INOVIQ on devicesINOVIQ’s website is responsive on desktop and mobile devices.

Formerly known as BARD1 Life Sciences, the company recently changed its name to INOVIQ to better reflect its strategic vision, broader intellectual property assets and expanded product portfolio. With INOVIQ’s rebrand came its fully developed website that’s simple to manage in a setup that can grow with the business.

Skim through INOVIQ’s homepage to experience the site’s tailor-made design that speaks well of the company. From here, its Technologies, Products and Pipeline are within reach, as investors are directed to designated pages within the website.

Likewise accessible from the home page are INOVIQ’s ASX Announcements, Investor Presentations and Share Price, which open to its Investors section. More investor information is found in this hub, such as its Snapshot, Reports and Analyst Coverage.

A nifty feature of INOVIQ’s scalable yet easy-to-manage website is its news automation. Yes, the site can post latest announcements soon as they are released from the ASX. What’s more, stakeholders can receive these timely updates through its Email Alerts sign up.

INOVIQ’s website was developed through IRM’s HQi content management system and Newsroom news delivery app. IRM was pleased to collaborate with INOVIQ to advance its online investor presence.

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