IRM and Proactive roll out exclusive offers for clients

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IRM Proactive offer

As expected, clients of IRM and Proactive are poised to gain more advantage for their investor communications. The powerhouse combination has launched new products and services to help companies elevate their engagement with stakeholders.

Proactive’s video interview offer is now exclusively available to IRM clients. Just as IRM Newsroom is currently accessible to Proactive’s clients for smooth delivery of their Proactive videos. This latest collab is most strategic for clients of both companies, with IRM presently part of the Proactive group.

These newest offers are in addition to IRM Newsroom’s integration with Proactive newsfeeds to enhance corporate and investor websites. Also, businesses listed in the AIM, London Stock Exchange's market for small and medium size growth companies, can ramp up their updates through IRM Newsroom’s fast news distribution to investors.

Read on for more details about Proactive’s video interview and IRM’s news delivery tool offer tailored uniquely for clients.

IRM clients: Captivate investors with a Proactive video interview

Are you an IRM client? Take advantage of Proactive’s video interview offer that’s exclusive for you – it’s for a limited time only!

As you may already know, Proactive is a unique tech-enabled platform empowering companies globally with a comprehensive investor engagement solution across their business lifecycle. It is a best-in-class media provider of 24/7 breaking news, commentary and analysis on hundreds of listed and pre-IPO companies around the globe. It has produced over 300,000 articles and 20,000 executive interviews since it was established in 2006.

Proactive video interviewProactive's video interview offer will help you engage better with investors.

With a Proactive video interview of your CEO or C-level executive, you’ll be able to pull investors in and widen your audience reach locally as well as internationally. You’ll stand out with this video interview because it will not only tell, but it will also show investors the face of your company and his/her credibility. It’s a highly effective way to engage investors with sight, sound and motion.

With a Proactive video interview, you will enable stakeholders to gain value from your business updates. It will also promote connections between your management and investors. Check out some of the benefits you’ll get from this offer:

  • Professionally produced video interview that will show your company’s expertise and distinguish you from the competition
  • Clear communication of your value proposition and business updates through your interview with a Proactive journalist
  • Quality video interview that will humanise your brand and boost trust in your business
  • Engaging video interview to draw investors to your website, with matching analytics to help understand your video’s performance

Find out more about this offer here. Get in touch with us today for further details.

Proactive clients: Deliver your video interviews direct to investors – fast!

If you’re a Proactive client, IRM has a special IRM Newsroom deal just for you too! With free installation for a limited time only. Best to grab it while the offer stands.

Just a bit of an introduction about us. IRM, a Proactive company, is Australia’s online investor engagement specialists. We are the leading provider of investor-focused websites and online communication tools for ASX listed companies. IRM Newsroom is our news delivery tool that will gear up your investor communications.

IRM NewsroomIRM Newsroom will quickly deliver your video interviews to investors. 

With IRM Newsroom, you can automatically publish your Proactive video interviews on your website or send through email and social media channels, as you wish. You’ll be distributing your interviews directly to investors in a touch of a button, without delay.

This means you’ll be capitalising on your Proactive video interviews to amplify your news to a wider local and global audience. With prompt delivery to investors, you’ll make sure your target viewers do not miss out on your latest info to facilitate their investment decisions.

IRM Newsroom will enable stakeholders to quickly receive business updates from your Proactive interviews wherever and whenever they are online. Reaching them through digital touchpoints they prefer to access. It’s the fastest way to get your message across, without time zone limitations.

Here’s how IRM Newsroom works to distribute your Proactive video interviews:

  • Publishes your Proactive video interviews on your website
  • Emails your Proactive interviews to your subscribers
  • Shares your Proactive interviews on social media
  • Fits with any website

You won’t be disappointed with these add-ons from IRM Newsroom’s offer:

  • Get free installation of the IRM Newsroom Corporate plan (valued at $1500)
  • Benefit from the IRM Newsroom Corporate plan, a basic setup that will automatically post your Proactive videos through your website, emails, or socials
  • Customise the web page where you’ll publish your Proactive videos, so it matches your brand

Learn more about this exclusive IRM Newsroom offer here. Better yet, contact us today!

Unlock these exclusive offers before time’s up

If you’re an IRM client, our Client Relations Managers would be happy to further discuss this Proactive offer with you. Let us know your best available time for a chat.

For Proactive clients, we’d love to show the ropes on IRM Newsroom’s features to help you decide on taking up our exclusive offer.

Not yet a client of IRM or Proactive? This is a sign for you to join our elite group of clients.

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