IRM celebrates 20th year, 500th client with expanded offerings

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IRM 20th year

IRM is marking its 20th anniversary and 500th client this year! Our two decades in business is a successful milestone that celebrates our growth as well as valued relationships with clients, partners and team members.

A warm thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years in the online investor communications space. This important milestone would not have been possible without our clients and partners, who rely on our products and services. A shout out also goes to our amazing IRM crew, who go the extra mile to make sure our clients are well taken care of. We share this success with you all and look forward to carrying on our incredible alliance into the future.

IRM’s 20 years in business

Check out some highlights since IRM started in 2002:

  • Now the undisputed market leader in Australia for online investor communications tools
  • Built investor websites for over 500 clients
  • Created a strong trusted brand with over 200 current clients
  • Established trusted relationships with industry partners and investor relations (IR) consultants
  • Mobilised staff in five key cities (all work from home)
  • Delivers fast reliable efficient online services using AWS cloud in Sydney
  • Still keeps project costs low and timescales fast
  • Provides rapid high-quality support
  • Continues to enhance our HQi content management system, and
  • Learnt a thing or two about what investors expect to see online

In 2022, our product set now includes:

IRM futureIRM is Australia's leading provider of investor websites and online communication tools.

IRM keeps up with online investor communications

In 2002, many listed companies did not have websites, and investors weren't looking. There was no social media, and there were few email alerts. Fast forward to 2022, where investors will check out every website and touchpoint before investing. And they know what they want to see.

Technology has raced ahead as digital communication trends have come and gone. News travels faster now and needs quicker distribution. With social media and other channels abounding, news is amplified with video, blogs and storytelling. Email is still the major website pull device to communicate with investors though.

Obviously, investors now expect more information and functionality on your website and digital channels. Keeping up with online investor communications on your own is hard. But with IRM as a partner, you'll have suggested updates to keep you on top.

IRM’s joint marketing agreement with Proactive Investors

As part of Proactive’s acquisition of IRM, IRM has secured a joint marketing agreement with Proactive Investors Australia, including:

  • Better websites that have IRM Newsroom integration with Proactive
  • Features for companies listed in AIM, London Stock Exchange's market for small and medium size growth companies, and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
  • Enhancements to IRM Events using Proactive Events
  • Improved offerings for IPOs

Learn more about the recently completed transaction here.

IRM NewsroomIRM's expanded offerings will benefit clients and partners.

IRM’s next 20 years

As we look forward to another 20 years and additional 500 clients, what will that bring? You can expect:

  • More continuous improvement in every dimension
  • Faster, better, high value websites
  • Bigger product range
  • Better integration with third parties
  • Continued quality support and advice

IRM is committed to grow further in terms of its staff and executive structure and its technology leverage. We anticipate learning from overseas as well as more financial security for our business.

Is there a way we could work together? Get in touch with us on +61 2 8705 5444 or Speak soon!