IRM Newsroom enhancement for Boardroom.Media clients

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Use the power of IRM Newsroom to extend the reach of your Boardroom.Media video and audio articles!

IRM is pleased to announce that in HQi release 4.3 there are enhancements specifically for those IRM clients who are also clients of Boardroom.Media (formerly Boardroom Radio or BRR Media).

Many IRM clients have a web page on their websites displaying the Boardroom.Media articles they have published over the years. There have been various ways of including the data on the company website. Some clients include the relevant full page from Boardroom.Media as an iframe, others post individual articles manually to an IRM list page. These methods are either too labour intensive, not technically elegant of just clunky. And not being fully automated, there’s room for finger trouble!

A new, fully integrated experience

Now you can receive an IRM Newsroom alert immediately as soon as Boardroom.Media publishes an article. Think of it as being much the same as an ASX Announcement. IRM Newsroom will do similar things:

  1. You receive an alert asking how you want to publish the article – to the website on the BRR media page, the headline news page or elsewhere, and optionally to the Email Alert subscriber list and social media channels.
  2. Click on “release” and it’s all published and distributed. Immediately.

Automatic publishing saves you time

Optionally, configure the settings in IRM Newsroom to do it all automatically. You’ve made the commitment to the Boardroom.Media article, why not have it reach automatically to your website pages, Email Alert subscribers and social media channels? Immediately, and with no effort. How good is that!

Article placement

You can use the power of IRM Newsroom to display the article on multiple web pages. For example, if it’s a webcast of your AGM, it should go on the AGM or Annual Reports pages, intertwined with the ASX Announcements on the same subject. Likewise, it should feature on the Home Page headline news with the latest most important ASX Announcements, and it could even have its own home page headline news category so the recent articles stay around longer on the home page.

Search and analytics

The articles will be available on the website’s site map, through the IRM site search function, and through search engines such as Google, which will draw that traffic direct to your website. You will also be able to track statistics of the views of the Boardroom.Media articles through the IRM website analytics services.

Investors will find the Boardroom.Media articles in more places at more times, and therefore be better informed about your key messages.

An IRM setup fee and a small additional monthly charge applies for this service. Please ask IRM for more details and a quote.

We are ready to go now and can set up the new service on your site within a week.

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