Is your website equipped for HTTPS-first mode?

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HTTPS only mode

  • With an SSL certificate, your website will be secure.
  • It will be trustworthy.
  • It will rank higher in Google search.

Google continues to push for Chrome’s HTTPS-only mode, like other browsers. With this increasing adoption, website users will always be connected to a secure HTTPS connection. User data will be protected as personal info will be delivered in an encrypted format to servers of websites.

What does it mean for your website?

If your website has an SSL certificate, no worries for you. Your site will breeze through Chrome and other browsers as it will show a security logo and will easily be accessed.

But if your website does not have an SSL certificate, that’s a different story. Your website visitors will immediately be given a warning message indicating that your site is not secure. This will have a substantial impact on your website traffic as users will not be keen on accessing your site.

SSL certificateAn SSL certificate on your website will show a security logo.

Why get an SSL certificate for your website?

  • Your website will be secure

With an SSL certificate, your website will have the greatest levels of encryption that will safeguard the data of your users.

  • Your website will be trustworthy

An SSL certificate on your website will display a security logo that will increase users’ trust in your website.

  • Your website will rank higher

Having an SSL certificate on your website will enable Google to index your site, resulting in higher search engine rankings for it.

Learn more about the benefits of securing your website here.

Secure websiteAn SSL certificate on your website will make it easily accessible.

Equip your website for HTTPS-only mode

An SSL certificate will empower your website to sail through the HTTPS-only mode of Google Chrome and other browsers. This encryption will give your site security, trustworthiness, and higher search ranking.

A hassle-free fix for your website security

Have us set up an SSL certificate on your website and leave all the work to us. We can purchase a certificate on your behalf and manage the renewal for you. More info on our offer here.

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