KKR Credit Income Fund website reinforces IPO

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Your company is getting listed. Understandably, there’s a flurry of tasks to complete before your initial public offering (IPO).

But is your website all set for your IPO too?

Getting your website IPO ready is crucial in creating awareness about your business. It’s a game changer in converting prospects into investors.

After all, your website is your company’s 24/7 representation. It’s the primary tool for your investor relations strategy. With an IPO-fitted website, you’ll hit the ground running on the day you ring the bell on the ASX.

Take inspiration from the website of KKR Credit Income Fund, fresh from its successful IPO. Click here to visit the live site of KKR, which has commenced trading on the ASX.

KKR HomepageKKR's homepage delivers the look and feel of the company's branding in a well-designed website.

The KKR Credit Income Fund aims to provide Australian and New Zealand investors with attractive, risk-adjusted returns and access to a diversified portfolio of income generating alternative credit investments.

To prepare for its IPO, KKR developed a two-phase website build for their pre-listing and post-listing stages on the ASX. It’s a smart website that could easily be customised and modified during the entire process. One that’s fully responsive and can be accessed on all devices.

For the first phase, KKR launched its simple website to provide information about the fund. The website showcased its product disclosure statement (PDS), key documents and contact details. In other words, all the facts and figures that were essential to regulators, investors and analysts.

Fast forward to KKR’s successful listing in November 2019. KKR (ASX:KKC) seamlessly expanded its website to a comprehensive investor-focused one. The enhanced website now has more features, including ASX Announcements, share price information and promotional videos. Elements that were effortlessly added without the need to rebuild the site from scratch.

KKR Investor CentreKKR's Investor Centre highlights its share price, ASX announcements and many more features.

KKR Credit Income Fund’s website was developed through the HQi content management system and Newsroom news delivery tool of IRM. As online investor communications specialists, IRM were pleased to work with KKR on establishing their online investor presence.

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