KKR Global Credit Opportunities Fund rolls out new microsite

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KKR GCOF microsite

Microsites have become increasingly popular as companies seek to create focused online experiences for audiences. These smaller websites are often crafted as a complement to the larger sites of businesses. They are centered on a specific product or service to provide targeted information for investors and clients.

As an illustration, take a closer look at KKR Global Credit Opportunities Fund’s (GCOF) new microsite, www.kkrgcof.com.au. It’s a precise digital channel, which is a must-have in today's highly competitive investment landscape. A brilliant example of how a specialised website allows purposeful communication to increase engagement and drive results.

Go over KKR GCOF’s microsite to catch one of its key benefits, that is, to offer comprehensive details about the fund. Instead of being buried within a larger corporate website, this site gives a clear, concise message about its investment strategies. This helps to increase the chances of attracting and retaining investors who are interested in their specific approach.

KKR GCOF on devicesKKR GCOF's microsite renders smoothly no matter the screen size.

When you arrive at KKR GCOF’s microsite, you’ll immediately notice its clean aesthetic that’s simple to navigate. Its menu is conveniently located at the top to give quick links to info investors need.

Click on the “Overview” tab to learn how the fund seeks to deliver a consistent income stream and attractive long-term capital appreciation. Go to the “Why KKR Credit?” section and you’ll see how KKR Credit has flexibility to deploy capital and a track record of outperformance, among others.

Besides that, KKR GCOF’s microsite is complete with segments on “Research Ratings”, “How to Invest” and “Fund Documents”. It even facilitates a Contact Us form for investors to stay in touch for updates.

KKR GCOF’s microsite was set up on IRM’s HQi content management system for ASX-listed companies. IRM was delighted to help expand KKR’s online presence for their dedicated strategy.

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