Launching your new HQi-powered website

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HQi go live

Finally! Your new website is about to go live.

After organising its design and content, your site is now ready to be launched into the big wide world. Well done! Thank you too for entrusting your website development to our IRM team.

But before we hit the go-live button, a final run-through is needed to give your site the best start possible. It’s much like how pilots double-check controls before taking off.

Below is the go-live checklist to finalise before your website debut. Your inputs are necessary on 3 key elements. Most other items will be completed on our end, as you'll see further down the page.

Launch datePick a date early in the week for your website launch.

But first...

YOUR checklist:

1. Set your website launch date

It’s best to set the go-live date early in the week. This will give ample time to accomplish the checklist and resolve issues that may arise. Let's steer away from a Friday launch, as both our teams would likely be unavailable to work on weekends.

2. Choose an SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is a digital authentication that will help secure your website. This certificate provides encrypted communications between your site and users’ browsers, thus activating privacy and data integrity. It helps with your SEO efforts too.

It’s important to choose the right SSL certificate that fits your website requirements. No worries, we can acquire and manage the entire certificate process for you through your selected plan. Read more on this here or discuss options with your IRM Account Manager.

3. Green light your site’s Google search visibility

During development, your website was blocked from Google and other search engines as it was still in the creation process. Now that it’s done, we need your go signal to submit your site to Google. This will allow Google to index your website content, making it searchable on the Web.

SSL certificateDesignate an SSL certificate for your website security.

And that's it! You've covered all your bases.

Now, here's our end of the checklist. Just to give you a picture of the nuts and bolts involved when we launch your HQi-powered website.

IRM’s checklist

On our part, no stone will be left unturned to ensure your website is working correctly. Any loose ends will be checked before your site’s launch, including the following:

  • Your website’s front-end

The front-end of your website is how things are displayed to your users. Your content will be reviewed to be sure all images and text are showing right. From fonts and colors to graphics and sliders. 

Links will be updated and fixed should any be found broken. Plus, your main menu, dropdowns, navigation and other details will be tidied up. Scanning your pages and sections, from header to footer.

  • Your website’s back-end

As you can imagine, the back end of your website is the flip side of its user interface. It's the behind-the-scenes setup that makes your site run well for users.

There'll be a few things that need to be covered, starting with your DNS configuration. 

Your website’s DNS (Domain Name System) translates your domain name (e.g., into an IP address that will give access to users’ devices. Your DNS will be configured so that the connection to the server where your website is stored will be opened and displayed on users’ screens.

Next, we'll take care of your HQi settings. HQi is the content management system that powers your new website. Your settings will be adjusted according to your requirements.

For instance, your site’s contact forms and admin emails will be set to the correct address. Email templates, subscriber database and distribution system will be fitted to ensure your news reach stakeholders in your preferred manner, automated or on approval basis.

Automatic feeds from the ASX will be linked to your website, as needed. Making sure your ASX announcements and share price information are consistent with the ASX.

Your site will be made responsive for all devices, iOS and Android. Google Analytics will also be set up to track your website visitors and their engagement.

These are just some of the things we check to make sure everything is in order for you. Once your website goes live, another set of post-live checks will be done for double measure.

Google searchConfirm your website submission to Google search.

That’s a wrap

Congratulations on your new HQi-powered website! Your soon-to-be-launched site is sure to grow with your business.

To ensure your website debuts smoothly, let’s accomplish our checklists prior to your go-live stage. Kindly decide on your launch date, SSL and Google search visibility. On our part, we’ll take care of your site’s front-end as well as back-end particulars.

Not to forget, you will have an HQi training on how to manage your website right after it’s launched, so you’ll have full control once it is live. Schedule your training with your Account Manager soon.

On stand-by for you

IRM is here to support you on your website and online investor communications needs. You know where to reach us, right? Call +61 2 8705 5444 or email for assistance.