Lodestar Minerals kicks off investor-focused website

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Lodestar website

Having a website can have a massive impact on your company’s success, no matter what business you’re in. Your site gives you a platform to share what your venture is about and establishes your role in the industry.

Your website also connects you with investors as they research your company online before they invest in it. Since your site is on 24/7/365, it's advantageous to post announcements there to update them about your business developments.

Nowadays, you don’t even have to be tech-savvy to manage your website. Modern setups make it easy for you to run a user-friendly site without any knowledge of code. So that your site stays up to date with relevant information for your investors.

Get inspiration from newly launched websites of ASX-listed peers, like that of Lodestar Minerals: www.lodestarminerals.com.au. Lodestar (ASX:LSR) is an active exploration company poised to leverage future exploration success with an extensive project portfolio within some of Western Australia's most renowned geological locations.

Lodestar on devicesLodestar's website functions without a hitch on any device. 

Once you land on Lodestar’s homepage, you’ll instantly get a feel of its quality design as you experience its investor-focused functionality. From this page, it’s quick to spot the company’s ASX announcements, share price details and why-invest section. Lodestar’s corporate video, presentations and key achievements are invitingly laid out here as well.

Drop by Lodestar’s Projects section to explore its multiple projects with different commodities, such as gold and nickel. Visit its About Us page to learn about the expertise of its board and management team.

If you're a current or potential shareholder, simply go directly to Lodestar’s Investor Centre for key data that will be useful in your decision making, including financial and annual reports. Or scan its News segment to catch media articles and videos discussing its advancements.

An ace up Lodestar website’s sleeve is that it’s effortless to amend pages with the latest info, even without web dev skills. ASX announcements can also be simultaneously emailed to investors as they are posted on the site, soon after they are released from the ASX.

Lodestar’s website runs on IRM’s HQi content management system, geared up with the IRM Newsroom news delivery tool for ASX-listed companies. IRM was pleased to team up with Lodestar in upgrading its online presence.

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