Make your online IR a game-changer with "5 New Ideas" seminar

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If you’re serious about improving your investor relations. If you want your online IR to be a game-changer. Then a trusted advisor is what you need.

A trusted advisor has the business acumen to help you navigate IR challenges and enhance your investor communications. After all, he has the experience and the subject matter expertise to be trusted to advise you well.

You’ll need one who’s a veteran on ASX-listed companies. He’ll know the ins and outs of online IR like the back of his hand.

Where to find one such trusted advisor for online IR? One whom your peers have been listening to? You’ll catch him at the " 5 New Ideas for Better Online Engagement with Investors " seminars.

Listen in on the expert advice of IRM CEO Martin Spry at the upcoming "5 New Ideas" seminars in June and July. The sessions will give you fresh insights into online IR that have proven helpful for listed companies such as yours.

You’ll surely get ahead through the discussions Martin will lead, based on his 15-year experience helping business leaders with their online investor presence. Working with hundreds of ASX-listed companies has given him a rich well of knowledge to share and improve your IR game plan. His seminars and white papers provide practical, implementable ideas on how companies can compete in the 24/7 global online investor world.

One "5 New Ideas" session is all you need to benefit from Martin's expertise! We guarantee you'll go away with at least five new, valuable ideas - ready to implement now. Just as representatives of more than 50 ASX-listed companies already have from recent seminars.

In these exclusive small group sessions, you’ll also interact with other IRM clients and advisers who’ll relate the discussions to their own set up. Promising a dynamic exchange with lots of takeaways!

Here’s a quick look at the seminar dates and locations:

PERTH | 26th - 27th June

MELBOURNE | 1st - 2nd July

SYDNEY | 3rd - 4th July

BRISBANE | 16th July

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See you at the sessions! And why not bring a colleague along to maximise the value?

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